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Worlds away from the NYC Dolpa: feeling the Tonner love again

My camera is wanting to go back to fashion-doll territory, and I'm not arguing. One teaser, but I'll put the others behind the cut for those who aren't interested:

The wind is blowing like mad today, but I managed to get some niceish pictures anyway.

This is Shinyuu Layne, wearing a dress from Empire Designs and tubbysnuggles's earrings:

A new Tonner sculpt, Ava, wearing a classic Tonner outfit and more of Sher's jewelry. I'm not at all sure what I think of Ava. Her small mouth and heavy jaw look a lot like my Klenklen cousins', and while I'm used to it in real life, it was a surprise to see that kind of bone structure on a doll.

And Jenny Chow, an enhancement of RTW Carrie (painted by CherylJax), wearing a faboo suit by Miriyum with, you guessed it, Sher's earrings. I kinda like the wind-machine effect, but I wish I could have had a little more control over where the hair went.

That's all, folks!
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