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Worlds away from the NYC Dolpa: feeling the Tonner love again
Sasha Blaze
My camera is wanting to go back to fashion-doll territory, and I'm not arguing. One teaser, but I'll put the others behind the cut for those who aren't interested:

The wind is blowing like mad today, but I managed to get some niceish pictures anyway.

This is Shinyuu Layne, wearing a dress from Empire Designs and tubbysnuggles's earrings:

A new Tonner sculpt, Ava, wearing a classic Tonner outfit and more of Sher's jewelry. I'm not at all sure what I think of Ava. Her small mouth and heavy jaw look a lot like my Klenklen cousins', and while I'm used to it in real life, it was a surprise to see that kind of bone structure on a doll.

And Jenny Chow, an enhancement of RTW Carrie (painted by CherylJax), wearing a faboo suit by Miriyum with, you guessed it, Sher's earrings. I kinda like the wind-machine effect, but I wish I could have had a little more control over where the hair went.

That's all, folks!

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They are lovely. I know, I'm not into the heavy jaw-line with fashion dolls myself. I like Carrie's sculpt a lot, which is funny for me since I'm not into Tonners. She seems more real, especially since her eyes are not exactly the same.

Hum, wonder if you could photoshop out the blown hair loop in the back? But then would probably have to replace all of the background.

Nice photos, very natural looking!

Carrie is definitely one of my favorite Tonner sculpts, plus I think CherylJax did an unusually nice job with the enhancement on mine. It makes such a difference, having more detailed painting on the eyes and lips.

I had what could be a brilliant idea . . . stand the doll on the air-conditioning unit and snap away, like a homemade version of fashion-shoot wind machines! Must try it someday when the real wind isn't also blowing a gale and messing up the experimental conditions.

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