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The many faces of Claudine
Sasha Blaze
This is the Oldies Show. Some are on vinyl--you can hear the pops and clicks and hisses. :-)

Demure. Don't believe it.

In motion, which is her usual state. ;-)

Vintage finds from a doll show.

Pretending (unsuccessfully) to be the ghost of a Victorian governess.

Why, yes, I AM a princess.


All grown up.

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I really love the chinese dress!

Thanks! I love that one myself--green is my favorite color, and this brocade is so nicely scaled. It's from Poshdolls . . . Elaine does good stuff.

What a great series! Little princess indeed.

The only daughter doesn't have to share . . .

You know, I hadn't thought about it that way, but--hmmm, I'm the only daughter of an only daughter, and Claudine IS my only girl BJD. Too funny.

I love all the clothes you got for her! So awesome!

I'm honestly embarrassed by the ton of stuff I have for her, but everything they make for girl BJDs is sooooooo cuuuuuuuute. At least Sejong can share some of the plain jeans and unisex sweaters, not that he looks good in sweaters.

It's lovely to see Claudine again. I remember that sailor style top - it made me start looking at vintage doll's clothes more, I hadn't thought about it before. Thank you!

I also love all of the knits.

I need to get that top out again--I don't think I ever did make time to iron it. That big poofy feathered hat is one of my favorite things ever.

And the knits are dead simple! The sleeveless turtleneck is an online free pattern for Tonners, on larger needles/thicker yarn. The cardigan is Helene biscuitbear's SD pattern in the DoA files, and I just made up the cap as I went along.

I love that name....Claudine. ^^
Your girl has so much personality...
I live her little knitted sweater and hat.
You've been having fun playing, and I love the photos.

Thank you! And I'm addicted to knitting those little cardis and hats--biscuitbear's cardi pattern also works for Sashas (!!!!), with the sleeves shortened. I have another one all knitted up, but I've been too busy or lazy or something to sew the pieces together . . . shame on me. Maybe on Sunday afternoon, because that's a nice Sunday-afternoon job, after Easter dinner.

(Deleted comment)
I do think her overall attitude of "I am PERFECT, I am in CHARGE, and I don't think much of the way you're doing things" does come across in most situations . . . it definitely resides in the eyebrows.

I took Claudine with me to a doll show last year, to see whether I could find anything for her (which I did, because she's a surprisingly good fit for some vintage stuff). It was fun to see people's reactions to her; she was the first BJD most of them had seen, much less held, though quite a few of them had heard/read about "these new dolls from Japan." I was only really taken aback once, when someone said, "ohhhhh, look at that sad expression! How can you stand to have such a sad doll?"

Of course, I was thinking WTF? Claudine? SAD? Are we looking at the same eyebrows here, lady? Eye. Beholder. You know.

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