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Slowly beginning to catch up on the photo projects
There are important BJD introductions that I should be making (Pen's new faceup! The Orientdoll Il! A proper welcome for Okaru the Megu! The mystery guy in my new default userpic!), but today Neechan insisted that she get some attention.

Wearing one of tubbysnuggles's faboo shrugs is enough of an excuse for a photoshoot, right?


Toshi and I are doing an obedience class, run by the local kennel club, on Tuesday evenings for six weeks. Toshi is not the star pupil (the instructors keep passing by, shaking their heads, and saying, "Well, there's a lot of hound behavior going on there"), but on the other hand he also isn't one of the dogs who growls and lunges at his classmates. This morning, trying to practice heeling in the back yard, I tripped over my own feet and fell flat on top of Toshi. He took it in good part (actually, going by the happy jumping and face-licking that followed, I think he thought it was a great game). I, being middle-aged, now have a backache and a sore shoulder. GAH.

On Thursday evening, I discovered that I can indeed carry the Toshster down my (extremely steep) basement stairs when the tornado sirens go off. And carry him back up again once they stop. Then do it all over half an hour later. I pulled a muscle in the front of one thigh during that experience. Where's a (preferably hot) Japanese masseur when I need one?

The dean has asked me to serve as interim chair of the art department next year (starting on July 15, to be precise). I said yes, because in the state of permanent internecine warfare that is campus politics, I figured I would have no hope of ever getting anything I might want if I said no. But I already regret it. Be prepared for much whining and grumpiness.

I have what I think is a fantastic idea for a class: a Major Authors seminar on Kurosawa. If the Emperor isn't an auteur, I ask you, who is?

The rehoming of certain dolls is going surprisingly well, but please, won't somebody buy the Hyun head and the Volks Kikyou? They're soooooo cuuuuuuute, and would work as either boys or girls. I'd be more than happy to make a deal for the flist. Link to DoA sales post: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=220307

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You know that interim chair position might actually get you the position you actually want down the line. Some times things happen in a round about way.

And the blather about Toshi and obedience classes . .. man I can so relate. Shhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone but I've taken a nose dive before while working with my dogs and they think it's great fun. LOL!

That wig is stellar . . . I adore it and it's just perfect for your Irish beauty. ^_______^

That Elfdoll wig is one of the all-time great ones! It's really too small for the Saiki head, but I can't give it up. ;-)

Aaaaaahhhh, you know that feeling of surprise when you find yourself heading for the ground, with a dog underneath . . . I'm just afraid Toshi will expect me to do it regularly, since he thought it was so much fun.

And yup, that was exactly my reasoning for saying yes to the interim chairship--saying no would have been a known quantity, but there's no way to know what possibilities saying yes might open up in time. We'll see . . .

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