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More Tonner love, plus a WTB
First, the WTB: would anyone happen to be hoarding a Volks White Rose Collection sailor suit for SD13 boy, gray version, and be willing to sell it? This one: http://www.volksusa.com/ofwrc040606.html My Lucas would look all spiffy and Trapp-Family-Singers in it, but I can't seem to find one for love nor money.

On to the Tonners!

Summer Tyler, my favorite hippie chick of all time:

RTW Esme (boy howdy, Tonner really nailed those straight-arm RTWs, back in the day. The Mei Li is great, the Esme is great, the Sydney is great, the four seasons Tylers are great):

Sher, this is the Fashion Boulevard top I was telling you about. Kewl, huh? Saucy Tyler (named Phyllis by my mom, because she looks so much like Michelle Stafford on The Young and the Restless):

We have an ominous weather forecast for the rest of the day--the same pattern as on Thursday afternoon and evening. I'm gearing up for more Toshi-stair-aerobics, and need to run out for extra AA batteries to keep my portable radio alive. (On the bright side, it's an excuse to pick up something yummy but non-nutritious for lunch.)

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Tonner just makes some amazing dolls and fashion. Keahi's favorite fashions are almost always Matt O'Neill's.

didn't Mercy have one of those grey sailor suits 4sale at one point????? not compleatly sure, but try her

Wow, they're beautiful! Especially the hippie chick! Do NOT make me want to stay in the Tyler game. >_

gorgeous!! that esme is beautiful. they are all so beautifuL!!! your tonner pics rock. you have some very beautiful angles, there, missy.

So pretty and I love their jools .. Sher does such a great job
I really like your summer Tyler

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