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More Tonner love, plus a WTB

First, the WTB: would anyone happen to be hoarding a Volks White Rose Collection sailor suit for SD13 boy, gray version, and be willing to sell it? This one: My Lucas would look all spiffy and Trapp-Family-Singers in it, but I can't seem to find one for love nor money.

On to the Tonners!

Summer Tyler, my favorite hippie chick of all time:

RTW Esme (boy howdy, Tonner really nailed those straight-arm RTWs, back in the day. The Mei Li is great, the Esme is great, the Sydney is great, the four seasons Tylers are great):

Sher, this is the Fashion Boulevard top I was telling you about. Kewl, huh? Saucy Tyler (named Phyllis by my mom, because she looks so much like Michelle Stafford on The Young and the Restless):

We have an ominous weather forecast for the rest of the day--the same pattern as on Thursday afternoon and evening. I'm gearing up for more Toshi-stair-aerobics, and need to run out for extra AA batteries to keep my portable radio alive. (On the bright side, it's an excuse to pick up something yummy but non-nutritious for lunch.)
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