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You know, it's a good day when . . .
*there is nothing on campus e-mail that must be answered

*it's possible to laze on the patio with an iced coffee and wireless internet in the middle of a weekday morning

*good dolls are safely on the way to good people, and everyone's happy with the transactions

*you feel loved by your friends, and love them back

*a stubborn little dog is licking your ankle for no reason except affection (and possibly the yummy flavor, but one tries not to think about that)

Wishing everybody could have a good day today, yes. I am so very, very lucky.

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i had no idea English professors came in yummy flavors. who knew??!?

it's gorgeous here today... steve and I went to panera's for lunch, then he hit joe canal's for a liquor run. all with the top down in his rather snazzy bmw convertible!!!!!!! it's so pretty. lol.

ooooooyeah!!! I get to ride in Lora's silver Mustang convertible sometimes . . . two middle-aged doll ladies tooling around Topeka with the top down. It's a wonderful world, and no mistake. ;-)

And I think I figured out the appeal of my ankle (warning: dog gross-out factoid here). I have an almost-healed scab there from a close encounter with something or other, and Toshi has taken to licking the scab with great focus and seriousness. Remember the parable of Dives and Lazarus? Lazarus the beggar lay in the road, "and the dogs came and licked his sores." o.0

Oh yeah. Much love. Except licking is often a prelude to biting. Must post the peanut butter rawhides.

We're working on the muzzle-holding, locked eyes, and "NO TEETH" thing. Toshi hates it, but he is getting the idea in short order. (He doesn't *want* to get it, but he understands perfectly well. It's hard to be a boy, awwwwww.)

Aw yay! That does sound wonderful, and good for you for being able to feel it when it's happening. :D

It just hit me all of a sudden yesterday morning--this was a good moment, and I thought I ought to show some appreciation to the universe. Good moments pass soon enough, that's for sure! ;-)

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I think we should all declare Good Day Day on LJ now and then. As middle age settles in, I've become a big believer in noticing and recording the small happinesses--I spent way too much time feeling discontented and betrayed by life because I didn't get (what I thought would be) the grand ones. Enough of that!

(Deleted comment)
Oh, now, see? That's a very good day. Don't you love it when ordinary experiences turn out to have just a touch of something special about them?

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