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An Easter tale from Edo. Sort of.
Sasha Blaze
This is the only worthwhile portion of today's entry.

This is the samurai.

The samurai finds a mysterious sword in the inn where he's staying.

Whose sword could it be?

Oh, surely not.

But as improbable as it may seem . . .

"Unhand sword mine, elaboration dressing Super Dollar Fee!"*

(*translation from Rabbit to Japanese provided by babelfish.)

We will now draw a discreet curtain over the ensuing throwdown. My money's on the Easter Bunny, though.

Hope everyone's having a beautiful weekend, with or without chocolate!
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Now, you do realize that you must insert "elaboration dressing Super Dollar Fee" into every conversation from here on out that you have online regarding abjds????

And the first two portraits are stellar!

I have been having me some fun this afternoon, yessirree Bob.

It took an HOUR and about twenty drafts to come up with "elaboration dressing Super Dollar Fee," though. Oh, the agonies of creation . . .

Hey, did you see the gorgeous hakama set for SD16 on Y!J? I'm drooling. If I hadn't just bought TWO black kimono sets for the boys on Y!J, I would be all over this like a rug. As it is, I'm tempted, veeeerrry tempted. http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n38074682

Hello smexy samuri! Woo-hoo!

Heh. Babblefish KILLS me.

Yup, this is my teeny-weeny bit of revenge on all the WTF???? moments I've spent staring at the bfish screen when I actually needed to understand something. :-) I've pretty well switched to nifty.com now, except when I'm feeling particularly loopy and want to be entertained by the bfish prose style.

Hey, no admiration for the Great Demon Bunny King?

Any of those chocolates you've been nibbling, uh...filled with anything? O_o

You crack me up, Cynthia!

I'll have you know I haven't even opened the bottle of Easter dinner wine yet. Croth my harff. *hic*

The bunny was a mad impulse purchase yesterday, when I stopped by the florist's to pay for those hospital flowers . . . I just knew I'd find a use for it.

You are hilarious, American Cynthia. Happy Easter!

Awww, Happy Easter back!

Sejong is so relieved that I didn't make him star in this particular piece of lunacy . . .

Everybody needs a plushie bunny for Easter! It's been too many years since I bought a new one.

And now the whole world knows why I was gently restrained from buying them.


Kanbei will survive. He got *plenty* of pretty pictures before this, er, harebrained scheme popped into my mind, dur hur hur . . .

I love it...^^
Happy Easter....^^
Your photos are gorgeous.

The Great Demon Bunny King was especially pleased with his formal portrait. ^__^

Thanks, and Happy Easter to you, too!

That bunny is a bruiser. I love him!

Great pix and story ^____^ and Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you, too! I'm a sucker for rabbits and squirrels--can't resist 'em in any form, real or plush.

thank you, i hope you are too! you made me laugh today, great story.

Thank you, Paul! Hope you're having a beautiful Easter--

I really liked the samurai 'feel' of these photos. Uhhhh, the cute bunny ruined the mood a tad, I think . . . hee, but yeah I know it was suppose to be for Easter. :)

It takes so little to make me roll around on the floor giggling . . . the Great Demon Bunny King with one paw on his sword, for example . . .

Welcome aboard, and, um, there are much more serious samurai pictures in earlier entries. Cross my heart. ;-)

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