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This will make me sound exactly like that 1930s housewife.


I am so much in love with OxiClean that I simply must share. It's like an altar call for laundry products, hallelujah. ;-)

OxiClean has now rescued two doll outfits for me: a Sasha Pintucks dress and panties earlier this spring and, just this evening, a white Softly She Walks outfit that came to me (secondhand) with undisclosed stains on the skirt and an overall dingy haze that took most of the fun out of buying it. (Also cat hairs.) The SSW set came clean with only ten minutes of soaking. The Pintucks set was downright filthy: there were big tan blotches of God-knows-what on the dress, and under the stains both pieces were yellow with grime and age. It took about four hours and several changes of solution to turn the Pintucks outfit white again, but white it is.

Is anyone knowledgeable about chemistry, and able to explain in words of one syllable how this stuff works? Or do I not want to know?
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