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A homecoming, a proper introduction, and someone very small.

This has taken far, far too long, but at last I have a moderately decent picture of Pen, looking like himself again (messy hair and all). A million thanks to Gen (engelmech) for the faceup work, which brought back Pen's beautiful CH ducklips and old-school eyebrows.

Welcome home, Best Boy.

Okaru the Megu seems to be settling in very well indeed. This is the freshly OxiCleaned SSW outfit, by the way, not that you can see much of it.

Aaaaaannnnnddd I know I said that the Tanpopo would be my last foray into Tinyland. Just shoot me now. Twitch is much happier living with Sher, while this sweet little creature has come to see how the land lies in these here parts. Many hugs to fairemma for the trade that brought her (and her clothes) my way!

Omake: Toshi smiles!

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