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A homecoming, a proper introduction, and someone very small.
Sasha Blaze
This has taken far, far too long, but at last I have a moderately decent picture of Pen, looking like himself again (messy hair and all). A million thanks to Gen (engelmech) for the faceup work, which brought back Pen's beautiful CH ducklips and old-school eyebrows.

Welcome home, Best Boy.

Okaru the Megu seems to be settling in very well indeed. This is the freshly OxiCleaned SSW outfit, by the way, not that you can see much of it.

Aaaaaannnnnddd I know I said that the Tanpopo would be my last foray into Tinyland. Just shoot me now. Twitch is much happier living with Sher, while this sweet little creature has come to see how the land lies in these here parts. Many hugs to fairemma for the trade that brought her (and her clothes) my way!

Omake: Toshi smiles!

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Welcome Home, Best Boy indeed. Oh, oh, oh, that's the CH face that I love, the eyebrows and the lips, he is just so gorgeous. I ♥ Pen.

Love the picture of Toshi!

Doesn't Pen look wonderful? *squee!*

Toshi has the best expressions--one of these days I'll even manage to capture The Glare in a photo. I certainly see it often enough . . .


And Toshi, just wanna pet the puppy! Oh my!

Much, much awwwwwWWWwwwww!

Toshi loves to be petted, as long as he gets to chew on the petting hand afterward. *sigh*

Ah, this post did my heart good... PEN, Pen Pen Pen!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy to see him again.

TOSHI!!! we need more toshi pics. Even if, in them, he does look like a tiny fuzzy psychopath (see chainlink fence/4sisters pic)...

hurrah!!!!!!!! Let's see how long the tinatsu stays, eh? Bless Fairemma!! woot! Twitch says hi.

and that she stole some of toshi's dog treats before she left. er.

Toshi often looks like a tiny fuzzy psychopath. *heaving a sigh* There's a mad glee in this one that I recognize all too well . . . those teeth are ready to chomp.

Ahhhhh, I thought the box of doggie chocolate-chip cookies was lighter than it ought to be. -_-

Doesn't Pen look great? WOOOOOOT!

Oh. Yes.
That is definitely the Pen we all know and endlessly drool over.
And Toshi is THE CUTE!

I really want to squish dear Gen for hanging in there with me while I said, "errrrr, I'm not quite seeing the right expression, and could Pen's eyebrows angle up a little more?"

Toshi gets away with an awful lot because he's cute. Dogs have such an unfair advantage in life!

Penn looks so much more himself but BETTER!
I love him .. and what??? another Tiny???
Oh dearie ... I l really like the sweet cheery Tinatsu face. That outfit is gorgeous

See? See? Isn't the Tinatsu face darling? I love the sweetness, though I do think the faceup needs a little more color.

And I'm SO happy to have Pen back to his slightly-skeptical pensive self. YAY!!

I'm sure Toshi would mind being considered a girl. Just sayin'. ;) (but does that dog love you or what??)

Pen is back to heart-melting, which makes me feel all's right with the world. And I can see you've got those whites so bleeding white your camera lens can't even cope with them. *oxiclean-bound*

But best of all ... man. She's perfect. See, like Hyun needed to be here, I think she needed to be there. She looks like a little Meiji girl just about to depart for England on a cultural exchange holiday. ;)

This is good stuff. Yep!

Hee! Well, Toshi IS neutered . . . as if that takes even an iota away from his total doggy frat-boyness.

Isn't everybody looking good? Yum. *hugs* for the Best. Trade. Evah!

(Deleted comment)
LOLLLL! Yup, that is a hound expression if ever there was one.

The instructors at the obedience class (serious breeder-owner-handlers, both of them) have taken to looking at Toshi in a puzzled way and calling him "The Hound." Too funny!

Greetings and surprises

Toshi SMILES for the camera!! And a handsome smile it is. Much better than the Toshi glare, which for those of you who have never been treated to a Toshi glare, let me tell you there is no doubt that you have just been glared at. I dared talk to him as if he were a dog that would actually come on command. Whoa. Noted to self not to try that again. His glare is much worse than any growl could ever be. But you just gotta love the fella. The teenager glare comes close.

And Pen is just wonderful. He has been missed. Little Okaru is a cutie. And the little one is darling. Can't wait to meet these new little ladies. Until later..

Re: Greetings and surprises

Toshi actually showed off The Glare at obedience class last week. Not that the instructors had any practical suggestions for dealing with it, of course. "Be firm," they said. "Don't let him get away with it." Well, yeah, but what am I supposed to do? Blindfold him??

I do not think the blind fold would help. You would still feel the stare.

The Tosh-master! He just rocks. And you've got a glorious collection of rezin!kidz there. I just want to squeesh them all.

I am feeling very squeesh-y myself, and I'm barely started on the picture catch-up! :-)

I owe you an email in the worst way . . . arrrgggghhhhh disorganized . . .

(Deleted comment)
I know--wasn't Customhouse amazing, back when? I still love that aesthetic so much.

Gaspode is a name waiting for a dog, oh, yes. And though sometimes I feel a little tied down to Toshi's schedule, he's a wonderful housemate. (Couch-licking, chewing, and ferocious territorial barking notwithstanding.)

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