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New friend on the LJ circuit--go say hello, please and thank you?

I bumped into the lovely and charming laeticiav via a DoA sale, and told her that she'd find good BJD peeps (and gorgeous BJDs) here on LJ. Would y'all give her a "hey"? (The photo in her intro post is priceless. I say no more.)

Time for some eyelash application (Neechan's finally gave up the ghost, and since she's going with me to a big doll-club gathering next weekend, it's time to address the problem) and default-eye-removal (the Tinatsu). Then I'll be heading off to do advisor duty at the campus anime club's Saturday hang-out-and-watch-random-episodes meeting. Even I, in my advanced state of grumpiness, have to love students who are so enthusiastic about their club that they not only meet EVERY WEEK during the academic year, but arrange extra meetings in the summer.

ETA: Why, oh why, does Toshi lick the couch cushions? I get why he chews holes in them, but the slow, methodical licking mystifies me. What tastes good there, you strange little dog?
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