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New friend on the LJ circuit--go say hello, please and thank you?
I bumped into the lovely and charming laeticiav via a DoA sale, and told her that she'd find good BJD peeps (and gorgeous BJDs) here on LJ. Would y'all give her a "hey"? (The photo in her intro post is priceless. I say no more.)

Time for some eyelash application (Neechan's finally gave up the ghost, and since she's going with me to a big doll-club gathering next weekend, it's time to address the problem) and default-eye-removal (the Tinatsu). Then I'll be heading off to do advisor duty at the campus anime club's Saturday hang-out-and-watch-random-episodes meeting. Even I, in my advanced state of grumpiness, have to love students who are so enthusiastic about their club that they not only meet EVERY WEEK during the academic year, but arrange extra meetings in the summer.

ETA: Why, oh why, does Toshi lick the couch cushions? I get why he chews holes in them, but the slow, methodical licking mystifies me. What tastes good there, you strange little dog?
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If you figure this out, please let me know. The Yorkies are licking my new chair and ottoman. In the past they will lick their paws and inadvertently also get what ever they are laying on wet, but this new piece they lick even when they are not grooming. I don't want to put hot sauce on my new chair.Besides, knowing my luck, they would probably like the hot sauce and it would just encourage them to lick more.

I have been absent from my own blog for some time now and i too have introductions, don't I? I will make my greetings to our newest acquaintance laeticiav.

I am ssoooooooo ready for our meet up. Until later...

Re: furniture licking

Now, that's bizarre--because your new chair and ottoman are textured fabric, aren't they? I had come up with a theory that Toshi liked to lick my couch because it's smooth chintz, and maybe the coolness and crisp texture appealed to him. But nope, evidently there's more to it than that.

Putting hot sauce on the furniture . . . you know, a year ago that would have seemed MUCH less reasonable than it does now . . . ;-)

I have a bag full of Sasha clothes to take to the meet--do you think people would want to swap for them? Or if Ruth wants anything, she'd be welcome to it. And I'm sorting through Tonners, too. I think that Ultra Basic Ava needs to go, and I have real doubts about the Ultra Basic Stella I just got from Cherished Friends. She'd be great repainted, but her factory face is sad and angry at the same time, ugh.

Re: furniture licking

I heard from John this week and Ruth isn't feeling well so I doubt they will be at the meeting. John has turned over the Yahoo group ownership over to another of the Tulsa members. I will email John to see if she would be interested in looking through the clothes. I would love to see the Stella and the Ava. Anybody I have that you want to see? I will talk to you more later. Have a good day.

My dumb dog licks the carpet from time to time....brings to mind a NPC episode of South Park.

Which email are you using now?
hotmail or cableone?

Both! I'm just staying away from the third addy (campus email) as much as I can until the art dept. hammer really comes down . . .

omggggg, it is such a South Park thing, isn't it?

You know I had a dog who did that, ended up being allergies, she was scratching his tongue. I eventually learned to live with it and she stuck with one pillow. *g*

Mifune minimee huh? *nods*

I went over and said hi! :>

And furniture-licking mystifies me . . . my cats don't do it, but they DO knead and nurse on anything fuzzy, which is adorable unless it's the fake-fur collar of my winter jacket ;)

-- A <3

No ideas on the licking .. at all. My guy just barks when visitors go from room to room, you'll see.
He is not a chewer or licker.
I totally HATE eyelash application and only do it cause the results are so worth it.

Thank you! Now I have lots of interesting new people to talk to and beautiful dolls to look at! (And so the bjd addiction worsens...)

Maybe it's salt from our bodies that's rubbed off on the couch? But like Joey said, maybe he's scratching his tongue. Lucy, my parent's dog, is allergic to everything and her paws itch so she licks them all the time.

I thought I had the only dog in existence that randomly licks strange objects. My chihuahua, Torquemada, is behind my computer chair rhythmically licking the roller pad that the chair sits on. He's been doing this for at least 3 minutes.

He also licks couch cushions, bedsheets, and the lower deck of the coffee table. Also the carpet and occasional laundry basket. I am completely befuddled.

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