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Bel's impromptu BJD meme

the_impassive came up with a terrific (and difficult) exercise: come up with one word that captures the character or primary quality that you associate with each of your dolls. (Errrr . . . this is my translation, and subject to error, like all translations.)

So I wanted to try it. Although I live in terror of forgetting somebody (which would be even worse than revealing the entire blasted horrifyingly long list) . . . here goes. In more-or-less chronological order, and including maker/mold for those of you who don't know my crew in detail:

Pen (Customhouse Gene): reflection
Claudine (Customhouse Sia): confidence
Shunshou (Unoa B-el): exuberance
Lyon (Dollshe Haute Hound): remembrance
Sejong (DollTi D): judgment
Kanbei (Volks Yukinojo): comfort
Atsumori (Dollshe SA Saint): worry
'touto-chan (Minawadou Saiki head/SD13 boy body): gentleness
Mally Lee (Dollmore Model Bella Auden): restlessness
Flynn (Customhouse Ainomori Jun 2nd): settled
Neechan (Minawadou Saiki head/SD13 girl body): imperiousness
Kit (Dollstown Mui): stubbornness
Nell (Volks Masha): waiting
Tierney (Volks School C/SD10 suwarikko body): spoiled
Susa-no-o (Migidoll Ryu/SD13 tan boy body): arrogance
Grail (Hypermaniac Omiclon): privacy
Kikuno (ShinyDoll Akali): observant
Okaru (Volks Megu): openness
Trouble (Volks Lucas 1st): skepticism
Norimasa (Volks Tsukasa Konoe): sweet-tempered

And the ones who are currently floating heads, or aren't settled enough in their resin personalities to have a word or even a name yet:

Caroline (ShinyDoll Nanae, floating head): hopeful
Orientdoll Il
YoSD Tinatsu
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