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Bel's impromptu BJD meme
the_impassive came up with a terrific (and difficult) exercise: come up with one word that captures the character or primary quality that you associate with each of your dolls. (Errrr . . . this is my translation, and subject to error, like all translations.)

So I wanted to try it. Although I live in terror of forgetting somebody (which would be even worse than revealing the entire blasted horrifyingly long list) . . . here goes. In more-or-less chronological order, and including maker/mold for those of you who don't know my crew in detail:

Pen (Customhouse Gene): reflection
Claudine (Customhouse Sia): confidence
Shunshou (Unoa B-el): exuberance
Lyon (Dollshe Haute Hound): remembrance
Sejong (DollTi D): judgment
Kanbei (Volks Yukinojo): comfort
Atsumori (Dollshe SA Saint): worry
'touto-chan (Minawadou Saiki head/SD13 boy body): gentleness
Mally Lee (Dollmore Model Bella Auden): restlessness
Flynn (Customhouse Ainomori Jun 2nd): settled
Neechan (Minawadou Saiki head/SD13 girl body): imperiousness
Kit (Dollstown Mui): stubbornness
Nell (Volks Masha): waiting
Tierney (Volks School C/SD10 suwarikko body): spoiled
Susa-no-o (Migidoll Ryu/SD13 tan boy body): arrogance
Grail (Hypermaniac Omiclon): privacy
Kikuno (ShinyDoll Akali): observant
Okaru (Volks Megu): openness
Trouble (Volks Lucas 1st): skepticism
Norimasa (Volks Tsukasa Konoe): sweet-tempered

And the ones who are currently floating heads, or aren't settled enough in their resin personalities to have a word or even a name yet:

Caroline (ShinyDoll Nanae, floating head): hopeful
Orientdoll Il
YoSD Tinatsu

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(I DID forget somebody - Saturn. And I still feel like I'm forgetting somebody else. Maybe it's because I consider the Bitchbeast mine already?)

Oh, I love yours. I love Exuberance, Judgement, Comfort, Restlessness, and Skepticism - those are excellent. And GODS, I have to change the Bastard's to Arrogance. I'm an idiot. (I was having trouble remembering words - I was all, "what's that word that means blah blah blah and blahtoons?"

I'd say Iambe is also Exuberance here, and Judgement... that's really funny, because if I'm anything (and it's my biggest flaw) I'm judgemental. I don't have a "judgemental" doll - though the Bitchbeast may very well change that, whoa.

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(Deleted comment)
I laughed at you laughing! Dance is one tuff mofo.

I forgot somebody, too! Tierney, the School C girl. *eepers* And coming up with the words was tough, jeez--how many exact synonyms for "it's none of your damn business?" are there? Because most of my dolls have THAT expression, you know?

Yes, Sejong is always ready to pass judgment on anything. And highly qualified to do so, of course. ;-)

Well, if we're going to get into what they exude, that's totally different, because mine all exude alternately bummed & disgusted.

It's almost like chosing what Tarot card represents which doll...

shoot, did I just make-up a new meme?

(Deleted comment)
Wouldn't it just! C'mon, J., go for it!!!

Um, hi Cynthia! This is FranC from DoA (I bought the modern kimono from you); just wanted to say "hi" and ask if I may friend you here on lj. :) Also, may I ask what happened to Nessa, the CH Choa elf? She was yours, wasn't she?

Hiya, Fran! Oooooo, it will be great to have you on the flist--I'll friend you back right now.

And Nessa, lucky girl, has just recently jetted off to the UK, where I do believe she has a handsome CH unique to keep her occupied. Since Claudine doesn't tolerate rivals and mostly wanted to bite her, this is a good outcome all around. ;-)

:) I have just seen her on Dolly Rocket in a fabulous red wig! She is living with Lynn and Hook! Yay! Figwit has a "thing" for Choas, he has pronounced himself in love with three so far-Kerria Rose, Nessa and the Danoje Blue girl.
However, given his track record with the females I have brought into the house, he would probably act the same way if it were a Choa. He is simply too fond of his getting new outfits and boots/shoes and sundries-every dollar spent on a girl doll is a dollar wasted, in his opinion! ;)

Hee! I was so happy that Lynn wanted Nessa--I need to log on to Dolly Rocket and see the pictures!! (See, Flynn the CH tan Ainomori Jun 2nd, who was originally Lynn's doll, now lives with me. The CH circle of life . . . )

And the Danoje Blue is one of the all-time Holy Grail BJDs, oh, my. Figwit has good taste, even if he's thinking more in terms of arm candy than commitment! ;-)

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