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Teaser: who is this girl?
Sasha Blaze

And while we're at it, who's the handsome guy in my userpic?

*sneaky grin*

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ooooo she IS pretty... she is REALLY pretty...!!!!!!!!

and we need to see more of the guy in the icon!!!!!

Isn't she?? I'm a little shocked that Kathleen didn't mention the noticeably yellowed face and hands in her auction text, because usually she's meticulous about that--but the price was really good, and I can live with having a Choker Girl.

And it's so funny . . . it feels like the Tsukasa has always been here, so I keep forgetting to take his picture! I fail.

(Deleted comment)
Well, I know, since I had one of her at one point, and want one of him, but I'll let people guess.

Hee hee hee!

I have been amazed at the rush of classic and hard-to-get Volks dolls on the DoA Marketplace lately . . . at one point, there were three Tsukasas and two Jun T.'s for sale all at the same time. It almost gives me hope that someday my fullset Shinsengumi Bermann will come.

I wanted that Phantom Tsukasa SO BADLY, but am still saving to find my Okita.
Someday I'll have them both.
And you will get the Shinsengumi!

Is she a Unidoll UH13 girl? :)

And of course iconage is Tsukapyon ;)

aaaaaaannndddddd it's Nena for the win!! :-)

Tsukapyons of the world, unite! I can't tell you how much time I spend carting him around the house with a big stupid grin on my face.

(Deleted comment)
fairemma has brought me over to the Unidoll side, despite my misgivings about French resin (completely justified by the condition of this lovely girl when she arrived yesterday . . . it's going to take careful dressing and photography to minimize the color difference between her face/hands and the rest of her). Besides the interesting heads, the bodies are just lovely--they have everything I like about old CH girl bodies, only they're more willing to hold poses.

I don't recognize the userpic, but I know a UH-13 when I see one! *steals*

*you wish* ;-)

She's been sitting on Kathleen Rowell's (skywhys/syhwyks) eBay store for ages--after all the selling I've been doing, I decided it wouldn't hurt to use some of the money to buy her. Wheeeee!!!

She reminds me of Ksy somehow. I am not sure about the user pic ... I am not so good at boys

The UH13 reminded me of Ksy, too - I had one in my cart 100x as a Ksy lozenge.

Oh, hey, you're right . . . I need to put her with Grail and see what happens! He'll tower over her, but maybe the size difference will look okay?

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