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Lotsa pictures! Picture-fu! Picspam!

fairemma is so right: Unidoll Limiteds are fantastically photogenic. Even though I'm unthrilled with the amount of yellowing on her face and hands (not what you might call described by the seller), Glencora--this is Glencora, and she is indeed a UH-13--takes quite a nice picture. If I do say so myself.

By the way, the crazy wig is from Cristy Stone (Xtreme Dolls), the top is by 1olly, and the necklace is by the_impassive. I know cool peoples.

This doll's profile is so lovely.

And yes, a Tsukasa Konoe sneaked in here while no one was looking . . . it's raining Tsukasas on the flist, huh? This is Norimasa, Nori to our friends, and he's aggravatingly elusive to the camera (either camera, both cameras). Rest assured that he's getting plenty of attention behind the camera! I feel the same way about him that I do about Flynn: it's hard to think of him as a virtually-unattainable dream doll, because it seems so natural to have him here. Some kind of special resin additive, methinks.

Okaru, being inclined to think highly of her importance to the universe, says PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEEE! (Note fabulous samfu suit by aznbutterflies.)

Trouble managed to miss out on a real introduction, thanks to the laptop-repair debacle, but here he is. No flash! No weird misshapen wig! No ill-chosen Purple Nebula eyes!

Ah, that classic Lucas expression of resigned disgust. He's taken over my favorite pair of Silver eyes, he has a new wig, I bought him the outfit even though I knew it wouldn't suit anybody else . . . what does he WANT?

. . . oh. A new faceup, you say? Well, there's something to that. ;-)

Finally, another doll I haven't quite pinned down with the camera, though it's fun to try: Kikuno, my precious ShinyDoll Akali. (Lisa, this is the sundress from that eBay seller.)

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