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One of THOSE days.
Sasha Blaze
Work computer = dead. Loaner work computer = slower than pencil & paper.

General sense of grievance and irritation toward the world at large.

220 pages of Dickens to read before I go to bed, which would normally be a fine thing, but my eyes are all swollen and gritty because of the pollen and smoke in the air. And Penguin's print seems to be getting smaller, or is it that my eyes are getting older? (Sidenote that dates me more or less accurately: I miss the orange spines.)

Kanbei's looking a little unhappy, himself:

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Mmmmm...he does look a bit contemplative - but beyond lovely. SO - what do you think of the jeans???

From where I'm sitting I can glance over into the bookcase-lined hallway and the bright orange-spined DH Lawrences take up well over six feet of bookcase space!

Love, love, love the jeans; they're a wonderful fit, and that horizontal stitching at the knees is spiffy. I was thinking about adding a snap at the fly, but it may not be worth the trouble (especially considering how sloppy my hand sewing is).

I have plenty of orange spines in my office, and I usually take one of my older editions to class along with the new one that the students have bought. All my layers of good notes are in the old ones, because I used them in college, in grad school, and when I first started teaching. Bad Penguin, chopping and changing editions the way they do now!

Poor guy. Maybe he thought he asked you to read Dickens too. ;)

Awwwww, Dickens isn't the problem . . . actually, I just finished the reading for tomorrow, and it's put me back into good humor with the universe.

I would be thrilled if Kanbei would find a voice and read Dickens aloud to me, though. These guys need to do something to earn their keep!

I have to laught I have the very same frustrations with computers. I get one and in a couple of months it's outdated. ^0^ I guess I should count my blessings that the same it not true about me....

Yup, the pollen is driving me crazy, too. However, my big white pines have yet to do their thing. >.<;; *I love Dickens.*

Your Kanbei is gorgeous, as is your picture of him.

I love Dickens, too! This class is ending with my desert-island novel, Our Mutual Friend. Much joy in Mudville.

Kanbei is just amazingly beautiful . . . withdrawn and probably seriously depressed, but beautiful. ;-)

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