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Hmmm. Didn't quite intend to take a month-long hiatus.
Time, as they say, do fly. It's too hot for blather, so here are a couple of pictures instead.

This is Zinnia Clare:

And now Toshi is chomping on my leg because he wants to play fetch! Off to fulfill my responsibilities to the packmate . . .
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She's stunning! Who did the faceup, was it Ravendolls? Love the wig on her too. I think part of me likes her because I know she is a BJD, but if she were "just" a porcelain doll or something I wouldn't take a second look at her weird!!

Yup, that's Ravendolls--this used to be Michelle's Alice head until I fell for her.

And it IS weird, but I know exactly what you mean; this face fascinates me in resin, but in porcelain I would think, "well, yeah, that's typical for the genre, isn't it?"

Your Alice is amazing and the wig is perfection. Whew. Glad to see you back.

This is such a changeable face--I put her in a long wavy center-parted auburn wig, and she instantly looked ten years older and five times sassier. But the Swedish farm-girl look really appeals to me, heh.

Oh, she is so beautiful it hurts. I have only ever loved one female doll (you know who that is!! Tell her I say hi and it won't be so long now), but wow, here is another one who is just amazing! She looks much younger than Nikki's Alice (and she doesn't look like she would dress quite so scantily!).

I adore all the different Alices--this is one face that morphs like crazy with a change of faceup (and I also think faceup artists are seeing wildly different things in the Alice head, too).

Scanty, errrrrrr, that would be NO. ;-)

Eusebia pauses from clawing at her box long enough to send her best . . .

She's marvelous! And very, very you.

Oh, btw, the other night I dreamed that Milady (aka the incomparable Mally Lee) and Leopold were having an adventure. When I woke up and realized I didn't have her here, I was woeful.

Oh, *sniffle*! Hmmmm, a visit might be arranged . . . seriously. I would love to see the two of them together, ooyeah.

Hey, since I'm being dilatory about email--speaking of books, if you feel like a nice daylight kind of mystery, I'm thoroughly enjoying a new series by Naomi Hirahara; the detective character is a 60-something Japanese gardener in L.A., and the first book in the series has some very interesting things to say about memory and friendship and how past lives catch up with us.

There's no way I could get her Mally Lee-ness out of her by myself. I'll just have to visit the heartland sometime with Leopold in tow!

Thank you for the rec! Is that Summer of the Big Bachi?

She is so pretty and peaceful looking. You, Lolly and Sher are going to push me over the edge...i want a Alice too!

I like the side glance; it puts a little edge of personality on the sweetness, I think. And yes, you do want one!! *nudge nudge nudge*

She is so gorgeous... there's something so incredibly real about her!

I was so surprised by the way these pictures turned out! She didn't look that real through the viewfinder, but something happened on the way to the computer screen. *scratching head*

(Deleted comment)
I'm really impressed by Ravendolls's touch--this is the first of her faceups I've seen in person, but she's definitely on my list of good people whose work I want to watch.

Wow, amazing girl. What sculpt is she? I don't recognise her.

Thanks!! And she's an AiL (Alice in Labyrinth) Alice head--on an SD10 swarrico body, here. AiL is new; I think they just started producing heads this year, or very late in 2007.

Wow! I found their website now. Lovely dolls. :-)

HS eis very sweet .. I rally like that wig on her .. wistful and fey-like.
Toshi is right, humans only go outside to play with doggies!

I like this wig better in photographs . . . in person, though, it looks a little odd. Can't explain it. Hm.

Right now, Toshi has flopped down on my feet and is doing that weird opening-and-closing-the-inner-eyelid thing that dogs do. AWWWWWWWW! Also, EW.

she's so pretty! i love her wig. she looks like a real girl xx

I'm really looking forward to cooler weather, when it will be more fun to play with the camera and the dolls outdoors--I think this girl will look wonderful in a pile of autumn leaves!

Zinnia is most adorable!!

I love her!! I think Kismet needs a similar hair piece. We can't wait to meet this new little lady. I have to say OMG!! Fantastic blue eyes too.

Okay, eventhough I don't see her being in my house hold. but, I love this doll. She is so real and soft looking. Love her hair the dress she is wearing. Congrats!

Ohhhh, she's just lovely <3

-- A :D

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