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These are for Zagzagael and LeeAnnB!
Meet Henry, the tan Limho Mono . . . he sorta followed me home from Pennsylvania . . .

Those deep-shade pictures are making the Limhwa tan urethane look like Volks Sunlight, but it's a much darker color, really. This is a nasty flash picture, but it's truer to the resin tone, especially on the arms:

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He is darling! I love his hands, they are very nice as is his mouth!
Sweet Henry

These Limho Mono dolls make just the BEST little boys . . . congrats on your new little guy . . . he looks great!! Love the photo right before the flash one. ;)

Was he LeeAnn's boy?

Takeshi waves hello to his tan brother! Aren't they just made of awesome? I love mine...I need to take more pics of him.

he's gorgeous. Wantssssssss.

he is gorgeous. his eye shape is so full of win.

awesome pics!!!!!!!!!!

He's lovely. I like his hands and his knitted top looks gorgeous against his skin tone.

He is just so CUTE! Wow. I love him. Funny how attached you can get when one of them follow you home, yeah?

I love his mouth! Fantastic eyes, love the color (of course). His hands are are good too. You scored on this one. He didn't go to Lawrence with us, did he? I don't remember that mouth. Green eyes yes, but not the other parts. Love him.

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