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Oh, heavens, I have so much to tell you all . . .

. . . and I don't have the energy to type it up. ;-) The art department gig is exhausting and frustrating and satisfying (and did I say exhausting?) all at once, and it's certainly proving to me that I don't want to be a spear carrier for any university administration ever again. A faculty member I was born and a faculty member I shall retire. Then I'm going to open a yarn shop, uh-huh.

Much dolly news. I'll spread the picspam over several posts this weekend, mainly because I can use the treat of making a post to convince myself to do things like housecleaning and rereading Adam Bede in between.

I'll start with thanks to dear nagasvoice and grammom, who sent this beautiful Japanese Lantern quilt and a complete set of bedding just for Glencora (or so 'Cora insists). 'Cora has declared herself to be an art major, which you could probably have guessed from the following pictures.

BTW, 'Cora's Drunken Salaryman Bunny is the product of the wonderful day that tubbysnuggles and I had at 1olly's house back in July. If he could only stand up straight, he would grope pretty office-lady bunnies in the train.

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