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Oh, heavens, I have so much to tell you all . . .
. . . and I don't have the energy to type it up. ;-) The art department gig is exhausting and frustrating and satisfying (and did I say exhausting?) all at once, and it's certainly proving to me that I don't want to be a spear carrier for any university administration ever again. A faculty member I was born and a faculty member I shall retire. Then I'm going to open a yarn shop, uh-huh.

Much dolly news. I'll spread the picspam over several posts this weekend, mainly because I can use the treat of making a post to convince myself to do things like housecleaning and rereading Adam Bede in between.

I'll start with thanks to dear nagasvoice and grammom, who sent this beautiful Japanese Lantern quilt and a complete set of bedding just for Glencora (or so 'Cora insists). 'Cora has declared herself to be an art major, which you could probably have guessed from the following pictures.

BTW, 'Cora's Drunken Salaryman Bunny is the product of the wonderful day that tubbysnuggles and I had at 1olly's house back in July. If he could only stand up straight, he would grope pretty office-lady bunnies in the train.

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The UH-13 is a fierce doll, isn't she? But in other wigs, that mouth can droop like Poor Cinderella's. I'm really in love with Unidoll's sculpting--I wish they would give up on the French resin, though. *sigh*

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! (Bunnyman says so, too.)

Quite lovely! You have such a way with styling your dolls that gives them such personality. And that quilt is devine! Lucky you!

Aw, thank you! And *hugs* in case you could use a few extra--I'm out of the LJ loop, but I know life wasn't easy for you quite a while ago. I hope there's something better on the horizon--

Still not easy, life does have it's challenges. At least I can enjoy yours and others lovely posts here on LJ.

She looks amazingly real to me in that last picture. The bunny adds something really special to the whole feel!

I completely agree!

All her goodies are just lovely, too.

*kisskiss* to both of you--but dangit, guys, the dollmakers do all the real creative work, and we just get to have the fun, you know?

So nice to have you back on lj :)
Cora looks wonderful -- you always do such an amazing job with the whole look of the doll -- the clothes, the colors, the textures -- I don't think Eusebia's going to like slumming with me after that. The bunny is a tiny bit terrifying (have you seen Donnie Darko? After that I find anthropomorphic rabbits scary.) So, Cora is an art major? Does that make you her dept chair?? I'm pretty sure none of my dolls will ever be college students! (According to Snape, Harry's not smart enough to go to college, and Eusebia already knows everything, so why would she go?)

Ooooooo, LOOK at Eusebia in your userpic! Slumming, huh--she only got one photoshoot the whole time she lived here. That's a happy doll now, if I've ever seen one. ;-)

And Bunny-san is a bit on the scary side, isn't he . . . I think it's the whiskers. Sort of a Genghis Khan effect, eh?

'Cora says that she is a student at the Slade, of course, and would never be caught dead at anywhere as declasse as a Division IIa school. In the United States, no less. *indignant sniff*

I'm not all that consistent about characterization, but generally speaking, I have three studenty types--Pen is somewhere around a college freshman; Kit my Dollstown Mui flunked his exams for the demonic equivalent of Todai and is now exiled to cram school in the human world; and now Cora. Sometimes Lyon, my Hound, dabbles in graduate study, but he's too posh to be serious about it.

Your Harry, of course, is entirely smart enough to go to college, though he might not need to bother. And as for Eusebia, well, divine wisdom trumps human knowledge any day, doesn't it?)

What a peaceful setting!
Beautiful. <3

Thank you! This is really a beautiful late summer around here--we had rain off and on all summer, so the grass is still green instead of going crispy the way it usually does by late August. I thought I'd better take some dolls outside while I had the time this weekend!

Hello! I love seeing your doll photos; always eye candy and the dolls have such personalities! :)

Hiya, Fran!! Thank you so much--and don't you love the way BJDs bring personality to us, already in the resin? They are so far from being blank slates it isn't even funny. I thought Glencora was going to be a Renaissance princess, but here she is, insisting on stompy boots and fire-engine-red spiky hair. *eyeroll*

I 'adore' the photos with the Mr. Salaryman Bunny!! ^__________^

Bunny-san says domo arigato gozaimasu. Hic.

Ooooooo, lookit that userpic . . . could there be a Wind Walker on the way to you, huh? Huh? *drool*

These shots are enchanting and lovely! Really romatic!

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