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Now, THIS one has a story.
Let me take you back to, oh, somewhere around a year and a half ago. Enter Sara Josephine, the waiflike Dollshe Afghan I rescued from eBay. She had suffered a truly awful "enhancement" to her original Tensiya faceup, including eyeshadow and body blushing that appeared to have been done with nail polish. I scrubbed off as much of the magenta goo as I could, and she wound up as a slightly anxious-looking, coltish teenage girl with understandable self-esteem issues:

Whether the remaining smears of magenta goo did it, or whether it was because of the blasted unmanageable Dollshe girl body, or whether I was just having one of my spasms of dolly housecleaning, I ended up selling Sara J. to my good friend fairemma in pretty short order. Lisa worked a minor miracle: she persuaded Tensiya to give the Afghan head a new faceup, which turned out to be even more beautiful and detailed than the original one must have been.

But then, dolly life being just as unpredictable as human life, the Afghan needed to move on again; she went to another good friend, thelyn, who wanted to do some modding (and wiring and restringing) on the body for another project. So the body and the head parted ways, and the body went off to a new owner in company with a Minimee head.

In the background, fairemma was fretting about having let that Tensiya faceup go. Further in the background, I was feeling some vague regret about having let Sara Josephine go, Dollshe girls being so thin on the ground and so underappreciated.

This summer, L. and L. struck a deal, and fairemma brought back the Afghan head from her grand roadtrip to the West Coast.

And then I spotted the Minimee/Dollshe hybrid on eBay.

So I says to fairemma, says I, OMG, there's Sara Josephine's body! What if I bought it? Would you sell me the Afghan head?

fairemma, being who she is, sent me the Afghan head.

Please welcome The Swan. She isn't poor anxious Sara Josephine any more, that's for sure!

Lyon seems a bit gobsmacked by the transformation. It's really a shame that he happened to be looking so dorky when this regal lady reentered his life. (Never fear--he'll go back to being his usual aristocratic self in no time.)

Postscript: why, yes, if you're keeping track of the resin players, this does mean that there's a Minimee head with a beautiful Lyn faceup in search of a home. If you have any interest at all in her, save me from my guilt, pleeeeeeease! FS thread on DoA: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=220307. The price is completely and totally negotiable for the flist. I would really like it if this head's travels could end as happily as The Swan's!

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WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! What a wonderful story -- and she is GORGEOUS!

-- A :D

Isn't she just? Tensiya really did something special with this faceup--I think Afghans and their sisters would have been a lot more popular all along if they had looked more like this! (Though then there's the body to contend with . . . )

OMG did Lyn do that faceup?
It's gorgeous! I'm really loving her work, too bad I'm late to the party.

(BTW, the Saiki boy is off right now getting painted)

Oh, HOORAY for the Saiki boy!! I can't wait to see what he looks like--

And nope, this is the Tensiya faceup that Lisa managed to arrange; Lyn's faceup is the one on the Minimee head in my FS thread. I wish I had a use for that head, since I love Lyn's work so much, but Minimees just don't work at all with the rest of my crew. *sniffle*

Great story, and wow she is so gorgeous now!! :)

She really is!! Since that's probably the last Tensiya faceup on a Dollshe girl anyone will ever see, I really feel like this is a precious doll--I'm so lucky to have good friends, and a little bit of fate working for me, too.

I love that story, particularly with the happy ending and her face is just gorgeous. I was wondering about the Minimee supermodel you're selling because she didn't seem like your style of doll (and it is such a beautiful faceup, I really was tempted, but I think the minimees have become *too* realistic for my tastes).

It's probably too retro of me for words, but I like my dolls to know they're dolls. The AiL Alice head is about as close as I'm likely to get to a truly realistic effect--and at that, I'm making her share a body, so she doesn't get too uppity. ;-)

I love this story. It's all that meant to be, fate thing going on in it. *g* She's a stunner, I have to admit to adoring the uncertain look an awful lot though.

Oh, I'm with you--that was such a sweet look she had to begin with! If it hadn't been for the magenta goo, she would probably have stayed the way she was; I worked hard to take pictures that disguised the goo-smear, but it was just tooooo uuuuuuugly. (On her fingernails and nipples too, poor thing. What some people call "customization," jeez.)

I think there should be a special rescue mission for abjds...hee hee, reminds me of putting a Heath back together that I did.

Yup, that's a great story and a wonderful end result you have there!

Hey, I think we should all have a Post Your BJD Rescue Story day--because I know there are a lot of great stories floating around, and I love to hear them!

maybe start a community here on LJ...people can post their abjd rescues, and maybe also tutorials on fixing things and questions about how to fix something?

It would be nice to see.

that's a wonderful story! :D Speaking as someone who went from a very very awkward teenager to a pretty self confident adult, and a sara(h) to boot, it looks like she's grown into herself. <3

Hee! Well, maybe she'll just CALL herself The Swan . . . but we'll know she's really Sara J. ;-)

Does her head still work well on the body (to you) after all the modding I did? Cause I reshaped the hell outta that thing...took ages! LOL

That Tensiya faceup sure was pretty...couldn't bear to wipe it.

I'm so glad you couldn't! ;-) And the modding is like wow--the shape of the neck is so much better for the head now. I did add one of the old CH neckpieces between the top of the neck and the head, just to give it a little more height, but with that in place (and invisible, hooray!) I don't feel any need for remodding. I always hated the way the Afghan head perched on the top of that big ol' Dollshe neck--I'm much, much happier with this accidental reunion.

But I feel all sniffly about the Minimee. Because she just isn't my thang at all, but she needs a home where your faceup will get appreciated every day! *sniffle*

Twin pix on the way . . . I'm just sayin' . . .

That is an awesome story!! She is fantastic...just look at his smirk!! ;)

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