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Continuing the postspam . . . look! It's a twin sighting!

I nearly dislocated my thumb PMming jaedee when I spotted this pewter-gray cheongsam dress in her FS thread--because I knew I had its companion suit in my guy-clothes bin. Both the dress and the suit are by aznbutterflies, who NEEDS TO SEW MORE. (As if he doesn't have a life of his own, yes . . .)

Can't say I'm loving the light in these pictures, but the clothes do show up well. And I think there's a story here . . . this bombshell pair is out for a stroll on a late-summer afternoon in Hong Kong, circa 1937, when a street photographer offers to take their picture for a souvenir . . .

What they looked like:

What the camera saw:

By the way, the fabulously wacko kanzashi in Neechan's hair came from Modern Maiko (Bliss on DoA). Go buy from her--she's a sweetie, and she makes cool stuffs!

This is actually my favorite picture of the set, but Neechan's knee is dislocated, !@#*$%. Plz to be ignoring the visible elasticationage. (Fan from Mimiwoo--one of those things I had forgotten I bought. Shame.)

Now I have to run to the mall (not-so-affectionately referred to by my students as The Small) for bed pillows, since I refuse to sleep on the lumpy ones I have even one more night.

Hmmm--I'm thinking there's definitely one, maybe two, more post/s to come . . . though I have to drive down to the hometown for a funeral tomorrow (old family friend), and time is slipping away. *sigh* for the shortness of even long weekends.
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