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Continuing the postspam . . . look! It's a twin sighting!
I nearly dislocated my thumb PMming jaedee when I spotted this pewter-gray cheongsam dress in her FS thread--because I knew I had its companion suit in my guy-clothes bin. Both the dress and the suit are by aznbutterflies, who NEEDS TO SEW MORE. (As if he doesn't have a life of his own, yes . . .)

Can't say I'm loving the light in these pictures, but the clothes do show up well. And I think there's a story here . . . this bombshell pair is out for a stroll on a late-summer afternoon in Hong Kong, circa 1937, when a street photographer offers to take their picture for a souvenir . . .

What they looked like:

What the camera saw:

By the way, the fabulously wacko kanzashi in Neechan's hair came from Modern Maiko (Bliss on DoA). Go buy from her--she's a sweetie, and she makes cool stuffs!

This is actually my favorite picture of the set, but Neechan's knee is dislocated, !@#*$%. Plz to be ignoring the visible elasticationage. (Fan from Mimiwoo--one of those things I had forgotten I bought. Shame.)

Now I have to run to the mall (not-so-affectionately referred to by my students as The Small) for bed pillows, since I refuse to sleep on the lumpy ones I have even one more night.

Hmmm--I'm thinking there's definitely one, maybe two, more post/s to come . . . though I have to drive down to the hometown for a funeral tomorrow (old family friend), and time is slipping away. *sigh* for the shortness of even long weekends.

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Don't they look sweet all outfit coordinated. ^_^

Always like seeing the Neechan and 'Touto-chan!

Sweet . . . or possibly very, very threatening . . . it looks like world domination is just over the horizon, if you ask me!


Devon is the bomb, lol!
Great photos and they looks so determined in the last one, or pissed due to dislocated knee? I think these shots are great!

Oh, they look AMAZING in those outfits. Wow.

-- A :D

the outfits are really great! the twins are gorgeous.

The dress does indeed match completely. They are beautiful together.

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