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Until I actually get dressed for work, the weekend isn't over.
Sasha Blaze
The last batch of pictures from Saturday: Kikuno (ShinyDoll Akali) wearing one of the Val Zeitler Halloween outfits, "Stroll in the Park." Hair ornament once again by Modern Maiko/Bliss.

Take that, D. G. Rossetti!

Kikuno is such an elusive doll to photograph--my camera wants to focus everywhere except on her face, no matter how I adjust the settings. It's starting to seem like a metaphor for something.

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Sigh. She is wonderful. I LOVE her spring-toned makeup.

Ah, my favourite SD-size doll! Akali, one day you will be mine! Beautiful photos! I really like her face-up also.

She really is lovely. That wig is perfect on her. She's got a fey quality in these photos. As if she belongs in woodland settings.

She's adorable. Beautiful photos Cynthia!
It's been lovely seeing your pictures over the last few days, really enjoyed them.
*waving* from Nessa - she has yet to make her debut in my LJ - I've been slack with posting dolly pix. :( (but not slack with hugging my dollies!)

She really is such a lovely little girl. So tentative and shy looking. But ya never know with kids, could all be an act.

she is incredibly adorable! I was always up in the air over shiny dolls, but I really think she's great!

She is so sweet! I love the headband.

She is such a sweetie! I love her expression, she is really cute.
I see the Val stuff seems to fit her fine.

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