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Not looking forward to this day.
Deadly Mally
This is a completely useless post, and heaven knows there are many worse things happening to far too many people on my flist. But I am dreading what will be a very ugly confrontation with a very difficult person this afternoon, and (without wanting to wish my life away) I will be glad when it's Friday evening.

I'm so tired of being the person who always, always, has to do the dirty work.

To redeem this unrelieved whining, here, have some Mally-Lee-with-a-sword:


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Oh dear ... I hope it goes well ...
Channel Mally-Lee, she is fearless!

She is an excellent choice to shore you up today. Great photo, C!

Choke up, chicken!

(I am using an -ism as used by some Aussies. It is an encouragement. Like, "break a leg" or "good luck". Just so you know I am not wishing you ill. )

I meant to reply to your last reply to my comment, but of course, I didn't. About the BJDs having their own personalities-they certainly do! Figwit is developing into quite a spoiled brat, the last girl who arrived he hated and so she went! Graile is here and eternal, all others beware!


We're all cheering you on and waiting with more snugs when you get back.

Iam sorry to hear about what awaits for you today,... hopefully it will
go smoothly...without further paining you..

Mally-Lee does a great job in cheering you on..
Wonderful Image ~*~*~*

Go get 'em tiger.

I do know what you mean, I'm always the one who has to do the confrontations that require English. More often than you'd think.

I'm sorry :(
Department chair business? That seems like it would be so hard. I intend to be declared insane as soon as I get tenure so that I never have to do that -- I am horrible with confrontations and I want to make everyone happy. I would really be terrible at it in other words. Good luck!! I wish you could take your little warrior with you! (I often want to take Severus to office hours :) )

Just think..."What would Mally Lee do?" and then do that...but without the bloodshed and general mayhem.

Do not discuss plans with Neechan either...



The worst part is always the anticipation of what might go awry. Just picture Mally with her sword right behind you and of course the "Gorgeous One" is always in your corner too. I will keep you in my prayers this afternoon. I pray that you have the words, patience and wisdom to deal with this unpleasant situation. I also pray that some good will come as a result of this confrontation. In the grand scheme of things, all will be well. Hugs to you and your warriors and belly rubs for the Toshi.

*Hugs* i hope it goes well, confrontations are hard...
Yay for Mally Lee, she kicks butt!

Good luck with the "dirty work"... just pretend you are Mally Lee... and that you will kick ass. Maybe that will help? No?

She looks fantastico, BTW. :)

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