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Thank you, everybody!
Well, that was no fun. But, with the help of the campus director of student events, the meeting accomplished what it needed to, and that's what really matters. Sooner or later, I won't even have to field any more calls from upset students and faculty who are being bullied by the difficult person I had to face off with (and her allies); time, thank God, always does pass.

I didn't have a chance to log in and reply to comments yesterday, but I peeked in whenever I needed a little spine-stiffening. Hugs all around!

Here's some romance-novel-cover eye candy to thank you for being such good friends:

And another disguise for Kanbei, this time to send birthday greetings to dear fairemma!

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I'm really glad that it went well, hon -- sorry that you had the confrontation :/


-- A <3

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