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Posting for the sake of future comparisons
I posted this recent arrival on The Soul Within, and convinced myself that I had put him on LJ, too, but, ehhhhhh, not so much. Thanks to dear honeyedbiscuit, my little clutch of early Customhouse rarities has expanded by one:

This is, unoriginally enough, Nell Bin; he's a CH Bin, obviously, from the "Nell" K-rock band custom series back in the early days. His CoA is dated December 23, 2003. His default outfit has mostly scattered to the four winds over the years, though he still has his guitar and his hightop Chucks.

And he still has his default faceup by HeavyBomb in this picture, though (heresy! Call out the peasants with torches!) he doesn't have it now. As much as I love old-school Customhouse, the fruit-punch mouth and wedge eyebrows were more than I can live with; this particular faceup was not HeavyBomb at her best or even her second-best. I asked pardon of the universe and wiped it this afternoon, preparatory to sending the head off for a nice, updated faceup. If Nell Bin had been fullset default, or better yet, if his faceup had been as polished as Flynn's, I would have left him the way he was--but sometimes we just have to move on, ne?

Watch this space in the next few weeks for the return of Nell Bin!
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Hee when I first saw the outside the lines mouth color it was definitely a stop in your tracks and huh... I guess over time I developed a more open minded esthetic. HAHAHAHA I'm still not thrilled with the strip of color in the center and nowhere else, but maybe in a year or two I'll get over that too.

I love my userpic. Poor Jean Marie is still nekkid. My roommate hasn't noticed yet. *g*

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