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A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to thelyn!
I think Neechan is considering bodily harm to me for missing the day . . . when she had flowers all ready to offer to Lyn, and everything . . .

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I think you're okay...she hasn't gone for Mally Lee's sword yet has she?

Has she? O_o


Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Errrrrrrr, I can't seem to FIND Mally Lee's sword at the moment. It might be time to worry . . .


beautiful!! your twins are just some of the most beautiful dolls around.

Lyn did a totally amazing job on them! and this picture is making me think that I need to go back to blue eyes for Neechan now and then--they looked good, hm.

Aw, thank you!

That is the happiest kitty-smile I've ever seen. *petting the contented cat*

Thanks :-)! Its from google XD! Its from my "think positive" technique XD

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