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Sometimes my job is very cool.

Poem from the Ramesside period in Egypt (around 1300-1100 B.C.), translated by John L. Foster:

I was simply off to see Nefrus my friend,
Just to sit and chat at her place
(about men),
When there, hot on his horses, comes Mehy
(oh god, I said to myself, it's Mehy!)
Right over the crest of the road
wheeling along with the boys.

Oh, Mother Hathor, what shall I do?
Don't let him see me!
Where can I hide?
Make me a small creeping thing
to slip by his eye
(sharp as Horus')

Oh, look at you, feet--
(this road is a river!)
you walk me right out of my depth!
Someone, silly heart, is exceedingly ignorant here--
aren't you a little too easy near Mehy?

If he sees that I see him, I know
he will know how my heart flutters (Oh, Mehy!)
I know I will blurt out,
"Please take me!"
(I mustn't!)

No, all he would do is brag out my name,
just one of the many . . . (I know) . . .
Mehy would make me just one of the girls
for all of the boys in the palace.
(Oh Mehy)
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