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The maidens who flock to Mother Maria's garden pass through the tall gates today, yet again, with innocent, angelic smiles.

Their pure hearts and bodies are clad in deep-colored uniforms.

So that the pleats of their skirts are not disturbed and so that their broad sailor collars are not set aflutter,

it is customary here to walk slowly and with decorum.

Please welcome Minako. She's the modded F28 girl formerly known as Marishka (when she lived with Ravendolls, who painted her) and as Freya (when she lived with Marina Arthur, who sold her to me). Yes, I know I sold the Masha because I decided that white resin wasn't for me . . . but there's white resin and then there's white resin. This mellowness and antique look are very much for me: three cheers for Volks oldskin! No, her old B-02 body can't pose for toffee, but who cares? Some dolls, I've decided, can be forgiven just about any eccentricity.

I absolutely adore her. It's as if there had been a hole in my BJD crew that I felt but couldn't name . . . and now it's gone.
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