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The maidens who flock to Mother Maria's garden pass through the tall gates today, yet again, with innocent, angelic smiles.

Their pure hearts and bodies are clad in deep-colored uniforms.

So that the pleats of their skirts are not disturbed and so that their broad sailor collars are not set aflutter,

it is customary here to walk slowly and with decorum.

Please welcome Minako. She's the modded F28 girl formerly known as Marishka (when she lived with Ravendolls, who painted her) and as Freya (when she lived with Marina Arthur, who sold her to me). Yes, I know I sold the Masha because I decided that white resin wasn't for me . . . but there's white resin and then there's white resin. This mellowness and antique look are very much for me: three cheers for Volks oldskin! No, her old B-02 body can't pose for toffee, but who cares? Some dolls, I've decided, can be forgiven just about any eccentricity.

I absolutely adore her. It's as if there had been a hole in my BJD crew that I felt but couldn't name . . . and now it's gone.
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She's beautiful ~*~*~* and I agree with the mellowness and antique-y look
that is a perfect description for the "Vintage Volks"....
these are lovely portraits of her ~*~*~* Welcome,Minako~*~*~**
and "Some dolls,can be forgiven just about any eccentricity"
So true indeed !

There really is something special about Vintage Volks! More and more, I find myself snatching up older Volks dolls that either weren't available or just weren't on my radar when I first got interested in BJDs--I've been unbelievably lucky with them this year (Lucas 1st, Megu, Tsukasa, and now this girl).

Your userpic here is breathtaking! *love*

Oh I love her. I saw that first picture and thought -- is that a 'Ravendolls' faceup and wasn't there a Ravendolls f28 girl in the marketplace? She looks like I wanted my girl Lucas to look (Lucas has moved to Germany and acquired a boy body and looks much happier!). The faceup looks even better than in the pix I saw before -- it is incredibly delicate. The cheeks! The lips!
I have a hole in my BJD crew too! Perhaps there is some way of invoking the Postmaster from her lair. (I'm making her sound like Grendel's mother, when in reality I am the one more likely to fulfill that role if they don't give me my lovely girl back soon.)

Actually, I'm wildly amused by the idea of Grendel's mother as a postmaster--I mean, what else would she be likely to do for a living if she manifested in 21st-century America? Teach kindergarten?? *snerk*

Man, this BW Volks oldskin is something else again--it has a life to it that I didn't expect at all, especially after I felt that the Masha's new FCS white was a little flat and harsh. Give me your tired, your poor, your aging oldskin . . .

Oh, she is LOVELY! I laughed my ass off when I saw her. She seems like what the Masha should have been, but never could have been. Yay yay!

Jeez, I'm laughing my ass off, too--of all the squirrelly developments, huh? "No white for me." Riiiiiiiiight.

And I suppose, if I had had enough imagination, the Masha could have been modded to get this result . . . but then again, there's something about that mellow oldskin BW. Fate happens, yeah.

Yaaay for second (or third?) chances!

I love how you have her wigged/dressed, just perfect!

You gotta love the way this flukey thing worked out! I swear, my dolly serendipity is amazing--I just wish it would spill over into other arenas, you know?

4D clothing is love. I'm totally addicted. And Leeke/Dollga Eve Cream is absolutely this girl's hair color. Investing in a whole new set of wigs in a color I never owned before, yesssssss.

I did a double take! My she is soft and lovely.
Interesting how the holes in our collections eventually get filled by the exact doll that should be there

Yes, but only after we spend a lot of money and flail around for a long time trying to figure out which doll needs to be there! *aaaauuuuggggghhhhhhh*


(Deleted comment)
Oh, my, yes--both of those! The F28/F16/Lucas/Chris face is nothing if not stubborn . . . they can be wistful, they can be snarky, they can be direct and challenging, but underneath any other expression, they Shall Not Be Moved. *giving the Lucai a wide berth and everything they want*

She so ethereal and lovely, wonderful photos! She looks like she could be the new mysterious student in Marmite! ♥

That's exactly what I thought when I put this 4D school outfit on her--of course she's going to be chosen for the Rosa Gigantea succession . . . and the Yamayuri Council won't know what hit it . . .


She's gorgeous, you are so not helping my Lucai yearnings.

Or my anime insanity, "ho ho ho!"

*snerk* for shared anime insanity . . .

Have you been bitten by the Maria-sama bug? It's a lovely, sweet, low-key series--just what I'm in the mood for as autumn comes on.

I'm really looking forward to getting my Lucas back with his new faceup; I think I have another brother-sister pair on my hands here.

Hum, maybe once I get through the 25 different series I'm currently following =)
So far the Fall season doesn't seem to have much going for it, and I always enjoy a good slice o' life school series. I will have to look for it.

One of the loveliest F-28/16 girls I have ever seen.

She absolutely is--and I say that in all modesty, since I had nothing to do with creating her! I'm so very, very lucky, yup.

She's gorgeous. I do love that old white resin. It's just richer somehow.

Did you buy the Maria-sama ga Miteru box? I'm thinking of getting it myself. It's so much fun.

Oh, you bet I did! I'm a sucker for character-driven, plotless school stories--Victorian children's literature is full of them, yum yum.

And I'm waiting for the Season 2 box to get here--come on, Right Stuf, let's get cracking . . .

congrats on her! I'm so glad you adore her so!! that is an awesome feeling. WOOT!!

It *is* fun to have a doll drop out of the sky and fit in just perfectly--yay for the nifty hobby! *happydance*

Congrats on your new girl. I love her little sailor outfit. ^_^

Aw, thanks! And I'm pimpin' the 4D, you betcha--they make GREAT clothes!!

really nice pictures. she is really special, just something about her. :)

Oh, look at Beau! *distracted by the beautiful Beau*

As wonderful as all the recent developments in BJDs are, there honestly is something about the earlier ones that reaches out and grabs me. I'm kind of sad to see so many wonderful early Volks and CH dolls popping up for sale these days, but on the other hand I guess other people's changing tastes are really a bonus for me!

She's BEAUTIFUL and so sweet! I've always loved the F-28s and the F-16s!! :D


It took me a long time to work my around to liking the look of F28/F16 as a girl . . . but I'm there now, and how. And the best part of all this is that my Masha is about to go off to someone who adores her and can't wait to finish paying the layaway--hooray for happiness all the way around!

She is home, after the deliberating, the yearning ... all the agony and ecstasy that makes for the best homecoming stories. Yeah, I'll confess I was a little worried. Shouldn't have been. She's perfect in herself and for you. *party streamers galore*

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