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Fall sweater collection, Round One
Leave a comment if you see something you want, okay? Prices include shipping anywhere. My Paypal ID is drmatilda AT cableone DOT net. Round One is all guy stuff, with one possible exception; Round Two will be mostly girl stuff, once I have time to finish the pieces in progress.

Breakfast of Champions: cabled pullover vest for Dollshe and similar sizes. The yarn is a wool blend in oatmeal beige. $25.

Spoken for Meadowgrass: cabled wide-neck pullover for SD16/Dollstown 15boy/similar sizes. The yarn is wool in a subtle greenish-taupey-gray (not as brown as the picture looks), with bright multicolored flecks throughout. $45.

Spoken for Moody Blues: rolled-edge sweater for SD16/Dollstown 15boy/similar sizes. The yarn is hand-dyed wool in shades of blue, teal, and black; snap closure in back. $35.

Spoken for Not Your Daddy's Abercrombie & Fitch: waist-length cardigan with wide V-neck for SD13 boys . . . or girls! The yarn is a randomly self-striping wool blend in greens, beige, and white. $27. (If you want the buttons moved to the "girl" side, just let me know.)

That's it for now! I'm off to darn in some yarn ends . . .

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Green stripey for yoooooooouuuuuuu!!! <3 <3 <3 I kinda wondered whether you might like that one, heh.

Can I talk to you about a commission, or do you even do those? I'm in the market for a cardigan for Mitzi. Nothing fancy - in fact, the very opposite of fancy.

I'm thrilled that it's sweater time again!!

Oh, man . . . e-mail me and let me know what you're thinking about, okay--round neck or V-neck? Collar or no collar? Color?

I have no idea when I might have time to finish a sweater for Miss Mitzi, but I wouldn't run the risk of disappointing her . . . ;-)

the cables are ASTONISHING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

you are a master. honestly.


and it is just so, SO nice to see the impossibly gorgeous Kanbei. I love him.

Darnit! I friended you too late - gonna have to pay more attention, because I've been dying to score an SD sweater that actually looks like a sweater, and so I drool over these! Too bad my boys won't wear vests. *lol* Yummy work!

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