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Any suggestions of names for cute, sneering Korean boys who dye their rockstar hair bright red?

This is Souldoll's Kanguk. (Okay, okay, he's my Kanguk, since Souldoll has been well and truly paid for him.) Very, very nice, this Soul Double body, though evidently all double-jointed arms are prone to flipping up into what someone cleverer than me once called "velociraptor poses." Unlike the briefly-visiting and pinheaded Souldoll Jin Woo, Kanguk's head is pretty well-proportioned to the body. The eyebrows are either hilarious or appalling, but the rest of the faceup is perfectly adequate.

I really do want to give him a Korean name, and I even went through the campus directory to look at our Korean exchange students' names . . . but, sadly, I haven't mastered the nuances of which Korean names are masculine and which are feminine. Yes, I've trawled the baby-name sites, but they're almost all plagiarized from the same source, so there's not much to choose from.

Anybody have Korean friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers?
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