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Hrm, well, these are phenomenally lousy pictures.
But they be all I gots at the moment. Zinnia Clare wearing Anotherspace and an unintentionally creepy pair of DropRops eyes (they're Cream with Fog Blue gradation, if anyone's keeping track).

Koitsukihime much?

Last night was the sparsest Halloween I've had since I moved here. I didn't get a single trick-or-treater until 7:15, and that was the third-grader just down the block. (Sign of the Times: her parents were driving her around our twelve-house, traffic-free cul-de-sac, where they know every inhabitant AND their dogs, to do her trick-or-treating.) By ten past eight, after only two more knocks on the door, I gave up and turned out the porch light because I needed to concentrate on some reading. I only heard one set of voices in the street after that, anyway.

My friends in other neighborhoods reported high turnout, though, so at least some parts of town were having fun!

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Oh, she's gorgeous, C!!!! What a beautiful doll!!!! Congrats on putting this all together!

Yeah, I don't really understand these modern day fears...not too much fun. :(

She really is lovely--I'm having even more fun with her than I expected to! Thanks so much for the compliment--

Hey! I just got that outfit too! It's awesome, but I'm thinking about taking the wad of fabric, er, flower brooch off.

She's beautiful. And I love the eyes. I don't think they're creepy at all.

Errryeah, the wad of fabric is seriously unnecessary. I think simpler is better for this outfit . . . *snip snip*

OMG that is a PERFECT look for her, and the one that eluded me when she was here!
I'm a sucker for AS clothes.

Awwww, thanks! But I thought she was plenty gorgeous when you had her.

I never seem to keep AS things for the boys; I think my guys just aren't cool enough for the AS aesthetic. But these new girl outfits are really doing something for me, yum.

She is lovely! I love this look for her.

The Alice head really lends itself to softer, vintagey kinds of things. Right now she's wearing a school uniform, which also works; I can't quite see her in contemporary street clothes, though.

We had over 250 trick or treaters. Ow! Lovely girl you have there! Love her dress!

Whoa!!! Did you have enough candy? (I wish I could have sent you some of my extra . . . it will have to go to the office tomorrow.)

This ASpace set is truly fabulous--I love this direction they're taking.

I have been really thinking about buying that exact dress. It suits ZC very well (I imagine it looks good on your other Ravendoll doll too -- the subtle muted colors seem like they would complement her painting style). ZC is such a lovely pale girl, but I wouldn't mess with her (that stare!).

I think the Alice head has a lot of fierceness in it--I just can't make ZC look soft and obedient, like a proper little Victorian girl. *sigh*

The dress is fabulous! Go buy!!

Did you order the dress from Dollmore? (I seem to remember a US vendor for A.S. but all my google-fu has been used up finding my students bad English translations of medieval Latin and I can't find it -- grrr, priorities).
I love fierce and pouty girl sculpts. Good for ZC not being anyone's sweet young lady.

Yup, it's this item on Dollmore's site: http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=5514

Now I'm trying to decide whether I want this one, too: http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=5515. I dunno. I think it might be a little too Rei Kawakubo for me. *pondering*

She's really beautiful, and love that Anotherspace outfit. I hope things are going well for you this fall. I hardly ever see you around LJ that much! *hugs*

I feel like a perpetual motion machine, trying to work in two departments at once--I'm looking forward to next fall, when things are supposedly going to calm down!

ASpace is love, oh, yes. :-)

She is a lovely young lady who knows her own mind, and won't stand for any nonsense-that is easy to see. I do like her dress; must investigate Anotherspace (I thought they were all goggles and leather jackets!).

I was surprised to see ASpace coming up with these interesting layered, old-fashioned dresses--I guess it's an outgrowth of steampunk, sort of, but I have to squint and look sideways to make the connection with "original" ASpace stuff. Still . . . a very nice addition to our shopping choices! (As if we all needed more ways to spend dolly money, heh.)

"More ways to spend dolly money" LOL! Tell me about it! I was one of the five-minute wonders lurking on eBay for orangebabydolly's latest! :D What's that, Figwit? I am saving money to buy someone special? Whoops! No, I'm not! Graile *needed* that hairstick!

She is a beautiful girl! We didn't have near as many trick or treaters as we have had in years past either.

I had been putting it (the absence of trick or treaters) down to all the big Halloween-substitute parties that were happening around town, at churches and schools and the mall . . . but then I heard how many kids my friends in other neighborhoods were seeing. I think my end of town is no longer the primo trick-or-treating area that it was several years ago!

Oh, gosh. She's LOVELY.

-- A :D

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