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Hrm, well, these are phenomenally lousy pictures.

But they be all I gots at the moment. Zinnia Clare wearing Anotherspace and an unintentionally creepy pair of DropRops eyes (they're Cream with Fog Blue gradation, if anyone's keeping track).

Koitsukihime much?

Last night was the sparsest Halloween I've had since I moved here. I didn't get a single trick-or-treater until 7:15, and that was the third-grader just down the block. (Sign of the Times: her parents were driving her around our twelve-house, traffic-free cul-de-sac, where they know every inhabitant AND their dogs, to do her trick-or-treating.) By ten past eight, after only two more knocks on the door, I gave up and turned out the porch light because I needed to concentrate on some reading. I only heard one set of voices in the street after that, anyway.

My friends in other neighborhoods reported high turnout, though, so at least some parts of town were having fun!
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