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It makes me happy to glue eyelashes into BJD eye sockets.
Deadly Mally
That is all.

Except that today's mail ought to be exciting . . . ;-)

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Eeesh, you are my hero.
I don't mind buying dolls without lashes, or faceup artists who don't provide lashes, because I can do it myself.
Somehow, though, the number of dolls here that need lashes is high, so it's one of those chores I don't seem to get around to.

I have no idea how I tapped into the Zen of eyelashing . . . it struck me as a weird thing to enjoy when I was gluing in my third pair of lashes of the morning.

Hmmmm, maybe there's a second career in this? ;-)

Gluing lashes drives me insane. Sometimes it takes 15 seconds and sometimes I just mess it up repeatedly and end up with lashes full of glue.
I'm very excited to see what the mail brings ... saw your WTB post on DOA and presume it has to do with that...

I've had plenty of awful glued-together lashes, oh, yeah--but when I get in the groove, there's a strange kind of pleasure in the tweezing and the toothpick-poking.

Heh heh heh . . . yes, the Midwestern Refuge for Aging BJDs has a new resident (and a gloriously funny-looking one he is, too)! Pictures to come, once there's enough natural light to get decent ones; the sun is really reluctant to show itself this morning.

Do you want to come visit OH? I HATE glueing eyelashes on, LOL! Hopeing your mailman gets there soon. Looking forward to seeing what the mail brings you!

Hee! I'll pack up my toothpicks and be on the next plane . . .

(Deleted comment)
I go through a looooooooot of toothpicks! Plus, I've learned the hard way that I need to apply the glue, then walk around the room a couple of times so that it's slightly tacky when I put the lashes in. Otherwise everything is just too slippery for me to handle.

And this is probably in the "duh" category, but I've also found that if I use my fingers instead of tweezers to peel the eyelashes off the manufacturer's little plastic thingy, I wind up crushing the ends and have a harder time applying them.

*raises an eyebrow* REALLY? Well then I will have to send you two dolls heads that need eyelashes reapplied. I so fail at doll customizations of most any kind. LOL!

I don't even like dressing them . . . just taking the pictures. Hee!

Ha! The dressing does take an awful lot of time . . . sometimes it feels like I'm mounting the invasion of Normandy when I decide to change clothes on most of the crew all at once.

But seriously, if you REALLY hate putting in eyelashes that much, I would be glad to do it for you--it's a fun Saturday-morning project. Email me, okay? sedens81 AT hotmail

I agree with Kat ... man I HATE eyelashing! Its such tedious work and so easily messed up.
Next time you come, I will put you to work!

You restring, I eyelash--that works for me!! (I'm hopelessly bad at restringing . . . which probably goes along with the fact that I have lousy large-motor coordination but really pretty good fine-motor coordination.)

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