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It makes me happy to glue eyelashes into BJD eye sockets.
Deadly Mally
That is all.

Except that today's mail ought to be exciting . . . ;-)

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Gluing lashes drives me insane. Sometimes it takes 15 seconds and sometimes I just mess it up repeatedly and end up with lashes full of glue.
I'm very excited to see what the mail brings ... saw your WTB post on DOA and presume it has to do with that...

I've had plenty of awful glued-together lashes, oh, yeah--but when I get in the groove, there's a strange kind of pleasure in the tweezing and the toothpick-poking.

Heh heh heh . . . yes, the Midwestern Refuge for Aging BJDs has a new resident (and a gloriously funny-looking one he is, too)! Pictures to come, once there's enough natural light to get decent ones; the sun is really reluctant to show itself this morning.

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