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It makes me happy to glue eyelashes into BJD eye sockets.
Deadly Mally
That is all.

Except that today's mail ought to be exciting . . . ;-)

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*raises an eyebrow* REALLY? Well then I will have to send you two dolls heads that need eyelashes reapplied. I so fail at doll customizations of most any kind. LOL!

I don't even like dressing them . . . just taking the pictures. Hee!

Ha! The dressing does take an awful lot of time . . . sometimes it feels like I'm mounting the invasion of Normandy when I decide to change clothes on most of the crew all at once.

But seriously, if you REALLY hate putting in eyelashes that much, I would be glad to do it for you--it's a fun Saturday-morning project. Email me, okay? sedens81 AT hotmail

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