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Saturday's mail (also Thursday's, come to think of it)

Props to laeticiav for connecting my WTB post to the exciting mail day . . .

Here's a face we don't see very often, eh? I kiss the feet of Kathi Novak for (a) having him, (b) keeping him in such beautiful condition, including his default faceup, and (c) selling him to me. From the early, or Wild-West, days of Korean BJD sculpting: Souldoll Gunun.

I wanted to get some good pictures so that I can send one to Souldoll and ask them whether they would be kind enough to give me some history on this elusive guy. I know very few of him were made, but I'm not sure whether "very few" means five or (as I kinda suspect) one or two. There was a Gunun fullset on the Souldoll site back in the day, when I first started buying BJDs; I was never sure whether Souldoll made multiples of that set, but I can't remember that they ever sold Gunun as a standard. Will report back when/if I learn more!

Behind the cut: more of Gunun, plus a homecoming and a project-that-may-or-may-not-pan-out.

Pose like an Egyptian!

Seriously, with those long eyes, doesn't he look like an Egyptian tomb painting? *loves*

Now, for Thursday's mail: my darling ill-tempered Kit returns, with a spiffy (and soulfully expressive) new faceup by Armeleia. It took me until yesterday to unearth his body, fiddle with eyes until I found a pair he liked (does anyone else find that a new faceup substantially changes the eye options for a doll?), and pick an outfit. This 2004ish Souldoll top has been at the bottom of my boy-clothes bin since, well, 2004ish. Score one for dragon-hoarding!

Kit has always been hard for me to photograph--he doesn't show up here on LJ in anything like a fair proportion to the amount of attention he gets IRL. This morning's photoshoot was pretty much made of fail, too, but I did like this one reasonably well.

Back to Saturday's mail. Y'all know that I start with the doll, not with a character, right? But I do have a few characters that I've been dinking around with in my slush writing for years, and recently I felt the itch to try putting one of them in resin form. I'm not sure this will work, but here's a sketch-draft version of my first attempt . . . Raurencio Studio's Baal. There are problems with the sculpt on its own terms and in terms of my character (that horrendously asymmetrical placement of the tiny piggy eyes, for one thing), but it's nothing that a really good modder couldn't deal with. I think. Or, you know, I might wind up selling him in short order. Still, something I'm seeing here does click for me. (I put a hint of pastel on the lips to make him look a little less blank, and gave him the right color of hair for the character . . . hmm, hmmm, hmmm.)

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