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Just shoot me now.
Sasha Blaze
I am once again in lurve. TheOrientDoll's new little IL has such a deliciously wicked-innocent face . . .


Luckily, he doesn't go on sale until next month, so I have time to talk myself out of him.

Or not, as the case may be.

Tried a new Tensiya wig--also shirt, tie, and elegant slacks, not that you can see the slacks--on Lyon, and a new-to-me Volks wig (the Aya default) on Kanbei. Whee.


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There is a resin Elf throwing her clothes in a bag and running for the front door.

Me: Leeda! Get back here! Leeda...stay!

Got lucky...I caught her by her little hoof at the last second. ROFL

Gorgeous pics! Whoops! Dangit...there she goes again...

*snorfle* Just hop up in the wheel well of that plane, Leeda honey . . . the guys will be glad to pick you up at the airport, I'm sure.

(I have a vision of Lyon doing the steering and Kanbei working the pedals. Nothing beats teamwork.)

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