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Just shoot me now.
Sasha Blaze
I am once again in lurve. TheOrientDoll's new little IL has such a deliciously wicked-innocent face . . .


Luckily, he doesn't go on sale until next month, so I have time to talk myself out of him.

Or not, as the case may be.

Tried a new Tensiya wig--also shirt, tie, and elegant slacks, not that you can see the slacks--on Lyon, and a new-to-me Volks wig (the Aya default) on Kanbei. Whee.


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Oh, sadly for my bank account, I already have the answer to that . . . the little guy would be Shunshou-the-Mighty (my Unoa B-El)'s Vice Commander. Isn't that a fabulous face? I liked the other OrientDoll guy, Tae, but wasn't this hopelessly enthralled. Alas, and also alack.

Must. Stop. Buying. BJDs. Must. Stop.

And thank you for the lovely compliments! Kanbei folds himself into those coy/shy poses almost without my help; it's like he's always trying to curl into a fetal position. The hard part is getting him to stand up straight without hunching those shoulder joints.

I know it's absurd to think of individual dolls as having that much personality, but . . . I swear I wasn't planning to make him *this way.* So much for getting a nice straightforward hunka resin. ;-)

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