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So I can find them again: all the Icelandics I have pictures of.
There's really nothing new to see here, sorry! I was collecting all my photos of the yoke-pattern sweaters I've made to show fairemma, and thought it might be useful to have an LJ archive for them instead of just sending an e-mail that I would eventually delete. There's one I haven't photographed yet (SD13 girl size), and one I'm working on . . . I'm so very, very ready for the long Thanksgiving weekend, *sigh.*

60cmish sizes (up to & including SD16):

(This is the first one I made. Poor Pen: we didn't know each other very well yet, and I was having some trouble zeroing in on the right eyes and wig for him . . .)
(Picture of Dance's "Thanksgiving Dinner" sweater courtesy of nagasvoice)

70cmish sizes:

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Gotta love those fair isle knits

I have not seen all of these, so it was fun to look. You always have the best sweaters.

Guess what? go check out www.SillyDogDesigns.net
YEA!! Finally!! I guess I should blog about it myself on my LJ and on "My Space". Yes I have one of those too. I am one of the judges for the current "Project Dolly Way at Home project". We need to visit one of these days. Hugs to you and Toshi too....

Re: Gotta love those fair isle knits

Oh, YAY!!!!! I know how long you've been working on the website--how cool is that?

And yes, it's been WAY too long since we visited. What are you doing on the Friday or Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend--big family stuff? If not, one of those could be a good playdate.

One more thing, since I'm doing a lousy job of keeping up with e-mail: is Chris's husband ready for out-of-town upholstery jobs? Toshi's couch is really a disgrace, and I'm feeling the urge to reclaim it for human use. ;-)

I think Jack is taking some vacation days. I don't know what he has planned. I thnk I will be having one of the smallest Thanksgivings ever.

Ohhhh.............I think I recognize that geen one (grin)! We love your sweaters so much Cynthia! Besides the green one of course, I can't decide which color combo I like best. I think it may be the last one ( or maybe the first one)..........if you ever decide to do more to sell, count me in! They are all wonderful and perfect for the weather we are having here in OH.

I think your green one is my all-time favorite, and it irks me that I didn't take a better picture of it before I sent it off to you! One of these days, if you dig out a good clear picture of the pattern, would you post it here so I can have it with the others?

The one I'm working on right now has a cream body, with cranberry, deep gold, and tweedy forest green pattern. I guess I'm feeling Christmasy!

I was going to change Jack into his green sweater very soon anyway, so when I do I"ll be sure and post a pic for you................the cranberry, gold and tweed sounds fabulous! What size is it? If you are looking to sell please send me a note! I'm always on the lookout for sweaters for my guys, and yours are our favorites!

Not to sound like the village idiot or anything, but I'm never quite sure what size one of these jobbies will be until it's finished. *meep* If I get carried away with a yoke pattern, it could wind up long enough for a 70cm guy, though I had SD13ish boys in mind when I started . . .

TIA muchly for a picture of Jack in his green sweater!

Lyon doesn't seem to be thrilled about having to work for a living, either!


BTW, I ran out of time on Friday, but your boy is all ready to go tomorrow--I'll probably wind up sending him express, because the dragon lady at the local post office insists on it if there is even a fragment of EMS tape on a box. ;-)

Gorgeous work! Woman, you awe me. Your talents seriously are breathtaking. And my many warmly sweatered rezin!kidz agree.

Aw, shucks . . . *blush*

I'm REALLY not doing anything remarkable here--I'm not even using especially thin yarn, honest! But I do enjoy putting colors and pattern elements together. Fun times!

(Deleted comment)
YAY, thank you!! Posted for posterity, heh.

These are so beautiful -- perfect miniatures of 1/1 sweaters. I'm sitting in my living room feeling a little cold and my first thought is that I want a sweater like that for myself -- but, really, I would love to get one or more of these when you have some available for sale.
Also, *hint hint* are you going to spam us with some pictures of your new boy? (Is Mehy and Egyptian name? I seem to think it comes from one of those New Kingdom Love poems -- I have a book of those somewhere -- but chances are I just made that up).

I don't know why I fell out of the Icelandic habit for a while there; all the nifty variegated sock yarns sort of obsessed me, I think. But I'm back in the mood to combine colors on my own, so . . . definitely stay tuned . . .

And yup, you are absolutely right! I took "Mehy" from one of the New Kingdom poems that my World Lit class really liked earlier this semester--it was just too cool not to lift.

whoa, wow, wowee and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love them all!!!

PEN! I see a young pen!

I knooooooowwww, doesn't Pen look like a little boy there?? Eepers! I really don't know what I was thinking with those eyes, except I probably didn't know any better at that point.

I'm ALWAYS AMAZED at your incredible talent in knitting these Icelandic sweaters. They are all GORGEOUS.

And I 'treasure' the two I have very much!! :)

Awww, thank you! One of these days I'll take another run at a navy/denim/red one and see whether I can do a more detailed yoke pattern for you, like the sweater you showed me--it's still in the back of my mind! :-)

Wow, all of those are made out of solid WIN! You're amazing.

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