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So I can find them again: all the Icelandics I have pictures of.

There's really nothing new to see here, sorry! I was collecting all my photos of the yoke-pattern sweaters I've made to show fairemma, and thought it might be useful to have an LJ archive for them instead of just sending an e-mail that I would eventually delete. There's one I haven't photographed yet (SD13 girl size), and one I'm working on . . . I'm so very, very ready for the long Thanksgiving weekend, *sigh.*

60cmish sizes (up to & including SD16):

(This is the first one I made. Poor Pen: we didn't know each other very well yet, and I was having some trouble zeroing in on the right eyes and wig for him . . .)
(Picture of Dance's "Thanksgiving Dinner" sweater courtesy of nagasvoice)

70cmish sizes:

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