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Answer from Souldoll about Gunun!
Well, then.


We were made Gunun by full-set ver. on 2004 and it was made only 2.
We attaching Gunun\'s original full-custome picture.
Contact us if you have any questions.

So-oo, if Court & Castle Dolls still has her Gunun (viz. this thread on DoA: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=54840), we know where both of them are. I'm fairly sure that hers isn't mine; the faceups are too different, and both Kathi Novak and I are convinced that my (formerly Kathi's, formerly someone else's) Mehy still has his default Souldoll faceup.

I am such a dork: I'm actually excited about knowing this little bit of BJD history. And how nice of Souldoll to answer my question!
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Oh, that's wonderful! How kind of them to get back with you :D

And how wonderful to know that your intense young man is one of only two in existence . . . makes him even more special, in my estimation :)

catcara is trying to track down the rest of the Dollmore Evgeneia Haneol crew (I sold mine to her, and she's trying to locate his nine "brothers" -- I suspect that some of them have disappeared into the Asian market, but she's found three in Russia!)

-- A ^_^

Oh, isn't that cool? Yay, catcara! I just love research project like this. (And with a name like Evgeneia/Yevgeniy, I suppose he would tend to drift Russia-wards . . . ;)

I'm still confused--not that I disbelieve Souldoll, mind you--about the "only two" Gunun answer, in light of what MichelleAK said about the Gunun pictured in the Memories book. The faceup she describes there is the one on my Mehy, for sure, not the Orient Edition Gunun faceup. So were there actually three Gununs cast, or was there just a big difference between the two Orient Edition faceups?

I just posted again to see whether Souldoll can clear up that mystery. They seem to have more continuity within the company than, say, Customhouse does; it really makes me sad that CH apparently dumped all its archives during the Great Shake-Up of 2005-2006. What I wouldn't give to have screencapped the entire CH website, along about February of '05 . . .

its awesome and yes exciting to have that history of your doll!!!
like following royalty

It really is!!! Only it's so much easier to track two or three dolls than all the royal cousins . . . ;-)

This is very cool. I love that this is a research project for you. (I have a satyr research project right now -- purely recreational -- if only I was as into my real work as much). BJD companies should have institutional historians! (heheheh -- imagine if I suggested to the director of my school's public history program that she assign a couple of the graduate students to the project of archiving and recording the history of ball jointed doll companies instead of making websites about local museums -- I could throw around terms like 'material culture' and 'childhood as a category of analysis' -- this only being relevant in the sense that these dolls are not for children. Too bad none of them know Japanese or Korean).

Actually, considering how much scholarly interest (at least on the cultural-studies and anthropology sides of the house) there is in the intersection of Asian and American popular culture these days . . . I think this would be a bang-up project for a couple of graduate students in public history! The Journal of Popular Culture would be interested, I'm quite sure--and which academic publishers are doing all the Mechademia stuff, not to mention Anne Allison's work on Japanese robot toys? Must root through my stacks of books.

LOL, then I'm dorking right along with you. I'm SO into things like that for my dolls, I even emailed Andi to ask if she kept Pookie's original faceup photos of Tsukasa.
We are doomed.

Awwwwww! Do tell Andi that I didn't move Tsukasa along because he wasn't beautiful, okay? *sniffle* I SO wanted him to work out, but--'twas just not to be.

Well, now that I think about it, I never actually came right out and said he's with me now.....I asked her if she had saved his photos, because Pookie's site doesn't have faceup photos any longer, so she might not know, lol.
Guess I should fess up.

aww! that's great! when I contacted DOD about my black camine they couldn't remember how many there were. X3

Eeek! And you know, I remember when Black Camine was released, people really wondered how many were going to be made . . . apparently buyers weren't the only ones who wondered! ;-)

how cool is THAT??!?!?! so rare omg!!!!

I SO wish I could get my hands on a copy of that book Memories, to see what the Gunun in it looks like! Hmmmm, maybe I'll PM MichelleAK and see whether she still has hers, and might scan that page . . .

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