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Memoriam, C.W.P.
Sasha Blaze
pacific_rin has posted for England's birthday (St. George's Day and, at least supposedly, Shakespeare's birthday). For me, this is also my dad's birthday, and the coincidence of dates has always made me happy.

This is the fifth April 23 since Dad died, and the first since Mom died last September. Love you, Mom and Dad, and I hope everything we want to believe about heaven is true.

A little rumination, before I get on with the work I brought home this weekend but didn't do yesterday. A lot of things have been coming clearer in my mind over the past several months, and just in the past few days I've made a major decision that for a number of reasons I couldn't make before. Enough with the money and (nominal) position and title; I'm ready to take back some of my time, and get back the freedom of being responsible for no one's work but my own.

I'll make the official announcement tomorrow morning.

Stone walls do not a prison make, / Nor iron bars a cage.

Or possibly that should be I could not love thee, dear, so much, / Loved I not honor more.

(Edited to swap the sepia tone for the other picture, because I like it better:)

You all have figured out that I don't have the attention span for consistent or well-developed doll characterization, right? These are not Lyon and Kanbei, insofar as Lyon and Kanbei even have their own personalities. No plotline here, no ongoing story, no consequences, just a vignette.

And Sejong is not planning to sing with a rock band; he just likes the fabulous shirt that thelyn sent him. Orange is his color, I do believe.

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I am so glad about your decision. I am just SO sure it's the right thing, esp after how you felt after you decided.

i say... crack open that bottle of wine... I might do the same tonight after I finish with the attic (ack)

Wine on the way, after I put the next load of laundry in the dryer! The wash waits for no woman . . .

And YAY on getting your attic done!!!

Just love the first pic
Sounds like you have made the right decision, it always feels so good when someting is settled and a course of action is decided upon.

I like that one too--next, I want to sepia-tone it and see whether that's just too nifty for words. (I think it will be, LOL.)

Yeah, usually I can agonize over decisions for ever and ever, talk myself out of what I really want, and then regret it like mad, but . . . this one sat down on me like an elephant last week. Tomorrow should be interesting.

*hugs* You have to do things for yourself because in the long run that's who's going to mean the most to you.

It only took me three years to figure that out . . . but I always was late to the party. ;-)

I should have run up to Manhattan yesterday, for all the good I did sitting around here! Grrrrrr. Did you go to the Japanese festival, and if so was it fun?

It was! It was great fun. :D I got green tea ice cream! :d

No clue what's going on, but I'm happy for you if you're happy, Cynthia. Always. ^_^

Mmmmmyeah, I'll email you. :-)

And I'll have you know, you're responsible for my staying up until one in the morning, replaying the scene where poor lovely messed-up Jin lets himself get beaten up in front of the brothel . . .

Toldya it was a good episode. ^_^

The burned grilled eel! The standing forlornly and idiotically in the rain! The total insanity of everything he does in the episode!

I am such a sucker for that kind of thing. *sigh*

I'm sorry about your parents. It never really gets "easier" - not sure why we say it does/should/will...

Hmmmm...very curious to hear what you're deciding. Sounds like Big Life Stuff. And that's gotta be good.

I love your sepia tone - how DO you do that? Birdcage = luff. I will post those birdcage pics for you this week!

Birdcage pix!!! Ooooyeah!!!! And thank you; it was just Mom & Dad and me (I was a late surprise, after they had been married a long time), and it's quite an adjustment to have no family left except some nice-enough but not very close cousins. I'm lucky to have had both parents for as long as I did, though.

The sepia tone is one of the effects in the photomanip software that came with my camera--I haven't bought Photoshop because I never thought I'd be doing this much with pictures (hah), but the freebie does have a nice menu of simple one-click enhancements. There's a "painting" effect, and various image distortions, and this lovely "old photo" one.

More to come after the meeting this morning where I lay out The Plan to my dean . . .

I like the sepia. You can really see the shadows. Would love to see more pictures from that shoot if you had more from it. :)

I wasn't thrilled with the way most of them turned out; I'm not hitting the light or the angles right (that cage is NOT cooperative--too many corners and thick support pieces). But I'm quite sure I'll try again, hooyeah. ;-)

(Deleted comment)
It's what Silla Dynasty warriors do when they find themselves stuck in ther 21st century, I guess . . . join a band, gather a group of loyal retainers around them . . . get famous . . . trash hotel rooms when they get drunk . . .


SD16 hands = lurve. They're even nicer than Hound hands, and that's saying something.

Note to self: only Christopher Robin gets to use the word "ther." THE 21st century, of course . . .

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