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Unabashed consumerism and photos borrowed from Y!J auctions!
Because you're all so good to me, and I loves y'all, I want to share some prettiez for no reason other than Teh Pretty.

I could copy this sweater, if I put my mind to it. Someday I might. (Do you suppose Avvelenato knits, or just has a friend who does? It would really be too much if Avvelenato both does, you know, Avvelenato stuff, and also knits cool BJD sweaters in perfect scale.)

Miss Minako's new outfit (oh, how I do adore pare*ideal's ice-princess Four Sisters! But Minako is going to look just as good in this coat/dress set as Blondie does):

Very interesting and inexpensive eyes from a seller that I don't remember seeing until fairly recently (or was I just not paying attention?). I bought a pair for someone who hasn't been introduced yet (a CLOSE relative of the twins, heh), and I like 'em a lot.

I think this little dress is the absolute bee's knees--girlish but not fussy, lovely rich colors, nifty placement of the fabric design. I wish I had bid on it.

This outfit is so perfectly, utterly, exuberantly Babes in Toyland that it makes me feel like I've just drunk a glass of champagne--all fizzy in the nose. It went way beyond my bidding limit, as well it should have.

Last, I have a tracking number from docshul. I'm just saying. :-)
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Love all these pictures but MUST hide my eyes. No temptations right now, heh. Would love to see if you do knit that sweater. :)

Hee! You're safe, because these are all completed auctions or (in the case of the Avvelenato sweater) quite old website pictures.

I actually bought the colors of yarn I would need for that cardigan . . . hmmmm, the question is which stash bin I put them in . . . ;-)

.... i LOVE alllll of the things that you picked! .... do you have a website for the sweater person?

Ahhh, that's Avvelenato, the brilliant faceup artist--one of the truly big names in BJD customizing. Here she (she?) is: http://dolls.oheya.to/flame.html

That's actually an older picture from the Avvelenato website . . . I saved it because I love the bookish Hound with his glasses AND because the sweater makes me drool. *counting stitches on that sweater*

.... thank you!! .... i'd never seen the site before.... and PLEASE count those stitches. .... let me know if you are able to make one of those sweaters in 70cm boy size... i'd buy one from you :). ... i'm serious.

ooo that sweater is so awesome! i love it! ooo make one make one make one!!!!!!!!

I've been saving that picture for YEARS . . . maybe the incoming tall guy will give me the inspiration to dink around with the yarn and needles!

Tall incoming NEEDS that sweater! Wow
Cute outfits! I will save the pics too ... I really like the last two, they dont look too hard to make

Isn't that sweater fabulous? Of course, part of what makes that picture so droolworthy is the whole package . . . the pose, the cords, the boots, the book, the glasses . . .

*quietly getting out of the way and leaving the Lolly to contemplate those two outfits*


Awesome haul. I especially love Minako's grey and black outfit and the Babes in Toyland outfit! Shopping is FUN!

I'm really kicking myself that I didn't bid on the little yoke dress. Ptooey. I'll use the grey and black set a lot, I know, and it really is my kind of thing (plus, I can't believe it--the final price was only 8750 yen!).

Still, I can't help wishing that I had been able to keep up with the bidding on that Vita outfit, the fizzy one. *sniffle*

Those J.Ell eyes are quite something! You'll see--

..she shops as much if not more--should I say --able to afford alot of
goodies from Y!J as well..
most if not all of the outfits on her dolls are from Y!J...
including that sweater.. I forgot who made it...but he/she usually have offerings every now and then..usually ends at about $200 and up...
specially for our Dollshe sized boys... sigh...

Gorgeous finds..and I LOVE that Vita outfit...*Swoons*
Thank you so much for sharing..I've missed Y!J .....I wish someone
made these Himstedt size..

Happy Thanksgiving !**!

Your sweaters are luscious and beautiful, you have incredible skill and talent !Iam sure you can make one like that

Aha! That's actually a relief, because I was grinding my teeth at the thought that Avvelenato might be able to do EVERYTHING (sew, paint amazing faceups, knit, cobble . . .). ;-) But it stands to reason that anyone with her eye would be a great shopper.

I'm only a sporadic watcher of Y!J, so I've never seen those Dollshe sized sweaters; I'll keep my eyes open from now on! The fineness of the work reminds me of jackdoll2002, who works in SD13 boy size (Cowichan-style sweaters and earflap hats), but the choices of colors and patterns aren't much like jackdoll's.

Don't you adore that Vita outfit? It makes me happy just to look at those pictures!

And now I'm curious: is there much of a Himstedt collecting circle in Japan, do you know? Because if there is, surely there are some goodies on Y!J for them--I can't imagine crafty Japanese women not making gorgeous things for their Himstedt darlings.

Also, THANK YOU! That's such a lovely compliment. I feel guilty, having such a firm plan to knock off someone else's sweater exactly, but that one would only be for me. Once I work out the proportions, though, it will be easy to plug in different designs, borders, etc. (As with anything else, it's the research & development phase that's tedious and time-consuming . . . ;-)

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