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Unabashed consumerism and photos borrowed from Y!J auctions!

Because you're all so good to me, and I loves y'all, I want to share some prettiez for no reason other than Teh Pretty.

I could copy this sweater, if I put my mind to it. Someday I might. (Do you suppose Avvelenato knits, or just has a friend who does? It would really be too much if Avvelenato both does, you know, Avvelenato stuff, and also knits cool BJD sweaters in perfect scale.)

Miss Minako's new outfit (oh, how I do adore pare*ideal's ice-princess Four Sisters! But Minako is going to look just as good in this coat/dress set as Blondie does):

Very interesting and inexpensive eyes from a seller that I don't remember seeing until fairly recently (or was I just not paying attention?). I bought a pair for someone who hasn't been introduced yet (a CLOSE relative of the twins, heh), and I like 'em a lot.

I think this little dress is the absolute bee's knees--girlish but not fussy, lovely rich colors, nifty placement of the fabric design. I wish I had bid on it.

This outfit is so perfectly, utterly, exuberantly Babes in Toyland that it makes me feel like I've just drunk a glass of champagne--all fizzy in the nose. It went way beyond my bidding limit, as well it should have.

Last, I have a tracking number from docshul. I'm just saying. :-)
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