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Customhouse love . . . and a BIG thank-you to dear honeyedbiscuit!

I haven't managed to say thank you properly, but honeyedbiscuit sent me a surprise care package of Lush (and related) goodies that totally MADE my month. Which, outside of resin arrivals, has been iffy at best. But thanks to Judith, I now smell like banana (yes, this is a good thing) and have other delicious-smelling things to sample! *feeling very thankful for dear friends*

And it's also thanks to Judith that this sweet boy lives with me now. It's taken quite a while to home in on a faceup that I like, and I will say that I have my moments of regretting that I wiped the original Heavybomb faceup, fruit-punch-mouth and all . . . but welcome home to Nell Bin!

This faceup is by dondonmum (Mia Studio), and I wish I had gotten a picture in today's wonky light that does its details justice. I need to work on the wig thing; this Anotherspace one is about the right color, but it just doesn't fit. (Anyone.) The eyes are DropRops Spray Green, and I love 'em.

By the way, he now says his name is Matthias. Don't ask me why.

Pen is trying out a new Volks wig, which fits much better than the constantly-falling-off Ajumapama one that I think of as his real hair, but still looks a little messy, the way it should. Not a bad experiment, overall. And he isn't usually a brown-eyed boy, but I like the gentleness of these DropRops, because that's my Best Boy for you.

And finally, this is Angry Jun (new CH head painted by Streliteia and acquired in a moment of eBay weakness; new CH boy body picked up for cheap on DoA). I think he needs to live somewhere else, because he is certainly not happy here! He didn't even cooperate enough to let me get a semi-decent picture.

I should try jazzier eyes in him, but the faceup is so bright (not that you can tell from these pictures, urgh) that all the intense eyes I've tried make him look like a neon sign. The new CH boy body, like the new CH girl body, is lovely, but CH has changed to a pink-toned resin that doesn't match anything I've seen except new Souldoll. I had secretly thought that Pen might get a body upgrade, but er. So very not.
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