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Um . . . er . . . one more new arrival . . .

You know, the upside of the Great Resin Sell-Off that's happening on eBay and DoA is that amazing dolls are coming onto the secondary market--dolls that I loved from afar, but never dreamed I would have. B-boy isn't the only one, alas for my cash flow.

Introducing Robin Lowe.

Robin is the BW Elf Shiwoo formerly owned by Aziza; if you remember Aziza's wig models, this boy was Lowe, the dark twin (the fair one was Sraa). Aziza kindly let me keep the name, for nostalgia's sake. Elf Shiwoo is the only CP/Luts doll that I've ever wanted, and to have THE one that I panted over when I first started looking at BJDs . . . well, you know.

Faceup by the brilliant Poppy. 18mm DropRops Tea Green eyes. Ajumapama wig (currently concealing the adorable pointy ears, but we'll work on that). Dollheart "The Warm Dream" outfit.


ETA: The Dollpage is being excessively wonky right now, and I can't figure out how to insert a picture from Flickr (why doesn't it work the normal way? AAAUUUGGGGHH). I would throw a tantrum, but I don't have time for one before I teach my 9:30 class. Go here, already:
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