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Um . . . er . . . one more new arrival . . .
You know, the upside of the Great Resin Sell-Off that's happening on eBay and DoA is that amazing dolls are coming onto the secondary market--dolls that I loved from afar, but never dreamed I would have. B-boy isn't the only one, alas for my cash flow.

Introducing Robin Lowe.

Robin is the BW Elf Shiwoo formerly owned by Aziza; if you remember Aziza's wig models, this boy was Lowe, the dark twin (the fair one was Sraa). Aziza kindly let me keep the name, for nostalgia's sake. Elf Shiwoo is the only CP/Luts doll that I've ever wanted, and to have THE one that I panted over when I first started looking at BJDs . . . well, you know.

Faceup by the brilliant Poppy. 18mm DropRops Tea Green eyes. Ajumapama wig (currently concealing the adorable pointy ears, but we'll work on that). Dollheart "The Warm Dream" outfit.


ETA: The Dollpage is being excessively wonky right now, and I can't figure out how to insert a picture from Flickr (why doesn't it work the normal way? AAAUUUGGGGHH). I would throw a tantrum, but I don't have time for one before I teach my 9:30 class. Go here, already: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sedens/3077364420/

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Congratulations - again, C! He IS wonderful and a true treasure! So glad to see you hitting the resin jackpot lately!

I couldn't believe it when I saw him on eBay! And Aziza was so nice when I fangirled all over the place--I'm such a sentimental sap about dolls that I've worshiped from afar . . .

The picture isn't showing up for me, and I can't miss out on a Shiwoo!

I have the awful sinking feeling that The Dollpage is dying a quick and horrible death, and Flickr isn't my friend yet. Link added, though!

Some of your sales pics on the DOA clothes MP are down too.
I find Photobucket generally workable (except when it drops all that hard core resin porn it somehow thinks I post -- OMG naked doll torso OMG!)

Losing the sales pics isn't a disaster (I can always take down the thread and wait out the wonkiness or transfer the photos to another server) . . . but if the Dollpage eats my entire 54 pages of precious stored BJD photos, I will shed tears. I lost a lot of those images in my series of hard-drive crashes last year, so the Dollpage copies are the only ones I have. *feeling nauseated*

You want me to start backing them up while you're in class?

omg, really? That's SO much work--I would owe you forever!

Or, hmmmm. I bet we can think of a deal, yes, I can . . .

Meh, I could at least get a head-start. I found your Gallery2 area, I think, but there are only 9 pages' worth of stuff that I can find.

Gallery2 is just the sales stuff--it isn't worth saving. Album 1 is the treasure trove; if I can get there at all, this ought to be the URL: http://www.thedollpage.com/photopost/showgallery.php?ppuser=1281

I'll get on it & email you later! :) And I will not tsk at you for not keeping a hard backup yourself. Not much, anyway. Heh. -eda, whoops, no tsking, your drives crashed, duh.

Edited at 2008-12-02 03:13 pm (UTC)

Yeah, but I still should have backed up the images to CD or external hard drive. *whapping self*

*gasp* OH LOVE. Loooooooooove!

Congratulations! He's very special and TRES gorgeous.

Yay!! Vicarious happiness!
I love it when the resin dreams come true. I have just one dream doll in that unrequited category (one you see one time and want, want, want but don't get - sniffle) -- a Lucas girl painted by a Japanese artist (Seller didn't know who -- sigh!).
I thought about buying a beautiful El recently (such great dolls at such great prices), but didn't know if I would bond with a young boy, plus am perhaps a little El-ed out. Also, have been benefitting from the other end of the dolls marketplace and have *cough* some new stuff coming in.

You know, as the BJD-collector herd thunders away from old-school CP/Luts and toward Dollzone, Minimee, AoD, etc., I find myself looking with fresh eyes at El and Lishe. I thought I was El-ed out, too, but you know, there's a good reason why those were such popular dolls--they really are beautiful!

So, new stuff coming in? NEW STUFF? Do tell!

I had an unpainted WS El head for about three minutes (I ordered him to be the Bastard, and won the Koodoll Blue head while waiting for the El head to ship) - and it was freaking lovely in person. I had to sell it instantly so I didn't come up with an excuse to keep it. There's a reason Els were everywhere - really a gorgeous sculpt. *also tempted*

It's funny, because I started out liking the more mature/realistic sculpts (Uni Jace was the one that got me hooked) and my taste has been going in the opposite direction, away from the minimees and toward the younger and more stylized dolls.
The new stuff -- mostly bodies for the headless, so necessary but not exciting (although Christmas and incidental heads are exciting) and -- vast trepidation here -- an Akando (not the limited one). He'll be too huge, but that sleeping head just called out to me. (I might be trading him for something a lot less common ... we'll see). Sad thing is, I'm still Houndless, but I've never been able to quite bring myself to buy one of the ones I've seen (either they weren't quite right or they just seemed so expensive ... although that really is a relative term).

Being Houndless seems like a sad state of existence . . . *sniffle*

if the dollpage dies, 100% of my pic threads, juniper threads, everything, will die. OMG. They will fix it.... I hope...

anyway I can see him... you HAVE been naughty lately, haven't you? MY MY MY! LOL!

congrats on him! "woot!"

I know -- I started having real live anxiety symptoms when I saw how wonky the Dollpage was being this morning. omggggggggg!

Yes, very, very naughty. *meep* But it's FUN!

Oh, how wonderful!! Congratulations, sugar!

-- A :D

He really is a beaut! And wow, Poppy was so quick and so sweet, despite a very tall language barrier--I'm thrilled to be in her stream of faceup customers.

YAY! Ghaleon is very happy to have one of his brothers safely in your care. :3

I thought about Ghaleon when I opened this boy's box! <3 <3 <3

Congratulations!! He is a gorgeous boy <3

I like that phrase "The Great Resin Sell-Off", lol. I thought it was just me noticing more dolls for sale lately, obviously not :)

Oh, most definitely not! Even leaving aside all the newer BJD owners who tried the hobby but decided it wasn't for them, it seems like a lot of longer-term collectors are either changing their BJD tastes and moving totally into the more realistic sculpts (or totally into tinies, which is another interesting phenomenon), or else getting out of BJDs altogether.

I just wish all this selling-off of my dream dolls wasn't happening in the same month!

LOVE your little Shiwoo . . . what a cute impish face. And his faceup really is quite lovely. Congrats!! :)

I've always thought that the Elf Shiwoo face was something special--it has that little extra measure of impishness, doesn't it? And Poppy really did a lovely job on him. <3 <3 <3

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