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You know . . .
I really shouldn't have to write a comment on a graduate student's paper that suggests it might be a good idea to spell authors' names correctly.


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ah, but where's the fun in that?

Maybe they did it on purpose to see if you were paying close attention? Or they were slightly inebriated when they wrote it? Or that was their 398289745 paper to crank out that day?


Eh. Master's degree student here. Who also didn't show up to discuss his own paper, which he was supposed to present to the class today.

I'm still grrrrrrring. ;-)

that would be made of pure FAIL...

doomhammer time?

Pedagogical icon is, however, made of win. Does it work?

Pedagogical icon is totally made of win. alyxandriah is one of my lovely Anime Club peeps, thus still on the student end of life . . . but on the side of the angels, indeed and indeed.

Winry, where DID you get that icon???

really, I don't remember. I've had it for quite a while though. Here's another you might enjoy a bit^^

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