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Stars, keep the watch. Though night is dim,
One more light the bowl shall brim.

Shining beyond the frosty weather,
Bright as the sun and moon together.

People, look east, and sing today,
Love, the Star, is on the way.

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She's sweet! I hope you don't mind I added you ^_^

Hey, Cheryl--welcome aboard! I never think to look at my "manage friends" list, so thank you for reminding me that I need to see who's waiting to be friended back!!

Very sweet! I dont remember seeing her before. Just love that mouth

She's a recent arrival--I wanted to encourage JPop in their business association with ShinyDoll, so when I ordered a Thaasa II body for the ShinyDoll Nanae head I already have, I threw in this Youki head on impulse. Er, now the Youki has taken over the body for good, and I'm not sure I'm keeping the Nanae . . . so it goes . . .

Beautiful....tell me about this girl, i dont thing i have seen her sculpt before.

I just love her! She's a ShinyDoll Youki, on the newer Thaasa II body. The poseability is incredible, and Shin-san does the most unusual head sculpts--they have so much potential, but I don't think most faceups really bring out the beauty in these odd little faces.

oh, so sweet!!!! this is wonderful!

(I'm glad toshi didn't eat the skirt, after all)

OMG, after he ATE my favorite black Ajumapama T-shirt the other evening, I'm even more relieved that I happened to look down in time and catch him before he really got his teeth into the Fer underskirt!!

Isn't she pretty? I loved the way she looked like she was singing!

Awwwwwww, thank you!! *hugs*

(Deleted comment)
Doesn't she?? I didn't see that in the blank sculpt at all, but Korisanzu brought out that quality so well. (She's a new faceup artist on DoA--a real sweetheart, and so sensitive to these heads.)

A new girl! She is exquiste! Figwit sends his regards! ;)

Ahhhhh, Figwit's attentions would be shyly but happily welcomed here, I do believe . . . Sumie may look like an angel, but I think she's all girl, deep down! ;-)

First off, I don't know of too many other sculpts that lend themselves so well to this ethereal treatment, which makes the merger of this sculpt with this style so stunning. And, really, how could I not just fall breathless. She is beautifully other-worldly. I'm so happy for you.

I think Korisanzu could make a real specialty of painting ShinyDoll heads--she loves them so much, and she has such a special feel for painting them. I wish JPop would notice her, and get her involved in the ShinyDoll one-off projects, but I don't know Grace well enough to make the suggestion.

It's going to be fun to see what Korisanzu does with my Sakura head! I need to wipe it and get it ready to mail this morning--off I go--

(Deleted comment)
See, I thought about that, too--great minds! But Grace seems to have her own faceup artist (they're doing some ShinyDoll one-offs). I'm not sure how touchy that might be . . . but hmmm, maybe there's an owner gallery spot on the JPop website? Shin-san has one on the ShinyDoll site, and I need to send him a picture of Sumie to put up there.

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