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State of the Christmas sedens

I am currently:

* drinking tea and eating pan dulce from my favorite panaderia in town

* being stared at by a solid mound of Toshi, who hopes I'll drop another crumb even though the last thing he needs is goodies

* grading the last three papers of the semester while watching Desk Set with one eye

* wondering what's in my Christmas presents

* wishing I could teleport Christmas cards to people, because I haven't started on them yet

* feeling grateful that our university president decided to give everyone the 24th and the 2nd off to save on campus utility bills

* kicking myself because I forgot about the DropRops release yesterday evening, and I would SO have bought the 18mm Dull Green and Brown/Green gradation if I could have beaten everyone to them

* trying to figure out what to cook for Christmas dinner -- it's not worth the mess to do a turkey for one, even with the Tosh factored in

* still happy because of a wonderful visit from friends early last week (hugs to cclemon)

* planning to dress as many of the girls as possible in Ospirit for Christmas

* contemplating what Ospirit's boy outfits would be like, if she made them

* sending vibes for courage and peace of mind to all my friends who are going through breakups, illnesses, and other kinds of pain right now
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