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State of the Christmas sedens
I am currently:

* drinking tea and eating pan dulce from my favorite panaderia in town

* being stared at by a solid mound of Toshi, who hopes I'll drop another crumb even though the last thing he needs is goodies

* grading the last three papers of the semester while watching Desk Set with one eye

* wondering what's in my Christmas presents

* wishing I could teleport Christmas cards to people, because I haven't started on them yet

* feeling grateful that our university president decided to give everyone the 24th and the 2nd off to save on campus utility bills

* kicking myself because I forgot about the DropRops release yesterday evening, and I would SO have bought the 18mm Dull Green and Brown/Green gradation if I could have beaten everyone to them

* trying to figure out what to cook for Christmas dinner -- it's not worth the mess to do a turkey for one, even with the Tosh factored in

* still happy because of a wonderful visit from friends early last week (hugs to cclemon)

* planning to dress as many of the girls as possible in Ospirit for Christmas

* contemplating what Ospirit's boy outfits would be like, if she made them

* sending vibes for courage and peace of mind to all my friends who are going through breakups, illnesses, and other kinds of pain right now

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I am up at OMG-thirty this am to take the Evil one to the airport to go see his family in Atlanta. I am not going (and pleased as pie about it too). He will be back on Christmas Day.


I'm not 100% ready, I have a couple more knit things to block... I'm up doing laundry (on the second load already!) and at 2 will go see The Puppy so I'll have pics... at 5 I'm getting my hair cut.......

gotta love the mound of toshi.

I am sitting in my jammies on Miranda's couch, wishing there was coffee and still afterglowing from the trip to your place. Christmas shopping is only mostly done. House is not clean for company coming on Christmas Eve and Christmas yet. Eh.

Dreading the post office tomorrow.

Bought the dull green 18mm DropRops (for Caer) - If they don't work out for him, we'll talk.

Either you are a morning person, or Toshi needed to go out......the only reason I read this at 8am was because Connor needed to go out here, bleh. In over a foot of snow, double bleh.

I don't do Christmas cards, I gave them up ages ago because I used to procrastinate so long, they never got to their recipients on time. Which made me feel crappy, but the guilt wore off enough by the next year that they still were always late. Pewp.

I have to settle for getting my DropRops secondhand, as I am a persona non grata with the sales rep, which, is probably better for my wallet, as I have about 4 unworn pairs just sitting in my eye box.

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