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(Un)Boxing Day
I didn't peek. And she is so very, very worth the wait!

Introducing Mirah. Dollstown Daisy girl on the 15girl body. Faceup by the gobsmackingly talented thelyn.

But Mirah isn't the only Dollstown beauty who was waiting under the tree yesterday . . . I also need to introduce Celia (Yeondu on 13girl body, faceup by another fabulous faceup artist, Tanya). I see Celia and Mirah as half-sisters, from a large Victorian family--and of course their brother? cousin? Kit has been here since Christmas of 2006.

I hope you all had as happy a Christmas as I did! I was trying to keep up with so many of my friends at once that I feel the need to rest up for a while now . . . ;-) (And I'm going to get an enforced chance to do just that--I took my car in this morning to find out why the "service engine soon" light was going on and off, and now it turns out that the garage will be keeping it at least until Monday, thanks to various subcontractor repair shops' being closed today. It's a good thing I stocked up on groceries a couple of days ago! If I get completely stir-crazy, the mall is within walking distance, but for right now, it seems kind of fun to be housebound for a weekend. I wasn't exactly planning to put six or seven hundred dollars into car repairs right at the moment, but such is life. It's cheaper than buying a new one.)

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Eeee! Your new girls are so lovely <3 <3 I'm glad you had such a merry Christmas ;)

Happy Holidays sweetie!!
Lovely Dollstown family you have there, i adore the lips on the girl Lyn painted omg so yummy...

........... wow. .......... she came out GORGEOUS. ... and your other prettygirl is a very nice SURPRISE.

the serviceenginesoon light can just be a sensor if you're lucky. ....

glad you had a great holiday :).

Ooooh, so beautiful they are!

I was lucky with my service light. It was a loose gas cap. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Heh, you must have been a REALLY GOOD little girl this year, because Santa really brought you some lovely lovely Doillstown girls. Congratulations. I loved looking at them and hearing a little about their stories.

Happy New Year!! :)

Lovely. Just absolutely lovely. And you were very strong against all my poking to peek. You get a gold star for that.

Eek about the car repairs, but at least it didn't die on you out on the road some cold, snowy night.

Holy cow! They are so beautiful. One day I will have a family of Dollstown girls.

ohhh, stop it, stop, stop......!!!!!!

they are so wonderful!!! wow. just... wow.

love their names, too.

beautiful faceups on all of them.


You've got the ability to take dolls that I'd just gloss over on the doll sites and make them into somebody interesting.

(er, that's a compliment. I hope it doesn't sound as grouchy as it does to me. *just getting awake*)

And bummer/w00t on the car and the holiday.

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