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Which brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to . . .
Sasha Blaze
. . . well, not Howth Castle and environs, I'm sorry to say.

The spring semester is upon us, and already there are fresh work dramaz taking up most of my energy.

I did a lot of unfinished-knitting-project cleanup over the holidays, so my plastic bin of BJD sweaters has been filling up nicely. With so many people on the flist in dire financial straits, though, I really hesitate to post them for sale; it seems wrong to ask for people's money, these days. I'll mull over this dilemma until the weekend, which is the next chance I would have to take pictures, anyway.

And, at long last, I managed to get a reasonably crisp family snapshot of these three:

Why yes, there IS a third Saiki sibling! You already know my darling Neechan and 'touto-kun, by thelyn; awhile back, the youngest arrived here, after making celticgeekess's house too hot to hold him. My Japanese tutor tells me firmly that there is no Japanese word for "second brother" or "baby of the family," plus there's that relational-naming problem . . . 'touto-kun would only be 'touto-kun some of the time, i.e., when Neechan is bossing him around, and the rest of the time he would be Onii-san to his Otouto-kun.

American. Mind. Implodes.

So please welcome the Brat, painted in all his pissy glory by engelmech. The eyes are J.ell, a Y!J find before the dollar sank quite so far.

Oh, and no, I did not knit 'touto-kun's chullo hat and Cowichan sweater--my patience for fine-gauge colorwork doesn't stretch nearly that far. They're by the Y!J seller jackdoll2002, and were a happy DoA Marketplace acquisition last year.

Hat from the Val Zeitler/Haute Doll Halloween collection, coat and top from the Dollheart "Elegy of Tints" outfit, Marshpants in Pucci fabric (loves cc_lemon). 1olly tells me that hats look best on round heads, which certainly explains why Claudine is my Hat Girl!

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that sweater really is very cool, is that handmade or machine? somebody is nuts.

o claudine, claudine, pert claudine! I love seeing her. wheee!

triplets, omg. LOL...........

Oh, it's definitely handmade--somebody IS nuts! There's also a second crazy person who sells super-fine-gauge knitted stuff on Y!J . . . I need to dig up the link for the latest sweater and post it, just so everybody can marvel at it.

Yeah, I really never saw triplets in my future, but I adore the Saiki head so much--I just couldn't pass this boy up.

Claudine will always be the princess around here!

Oh! The sibs are beyond adorable! Congrats on a tidy collection! Knitting looks great!

If anyone had asked me a few years ago whether I would EVER own three of the same mold . . . ;-) These dolls have a way of changing our minds, don't they?

SAIKI explosion!! so funny to see three, when seeing even one is a rarity!!
I have a new faceup planned for my boy this year. Still loving this mold to bits!! :)

Hee! I'm still laughing at myself--it's like I'm trying to corner the market on Saiki heads or something. Really, I'm just a Greedy Gus . . . ;-)

These all came out very nice. Love the outfits!

I owe you a response to an old letter. My bad.

Eh? Huh? No bad!!! *hugs* and I hope you're hanging in there--

What an awesome trio!

Regarding the sweaters ... I'm open to trades of any sort. My kids love your stuff and the ever growing family fight over the ones we already have! If you're into it, lemme know!

So, like, when am I not into it?? ;-) Pics to come this weekend!

Awesome! Coz I've got new kids crying for sweaters. Miss Miranda is dying to know too. She says she has money in paypal for your wooly bounty, so I'll be sharing pics with her!

Great pics.. Its such a great feeling to finish up the unfinished!
Cant wait to see all the new sweaters

I was really on a girl-cardigan binge for awhile . . . it's great meeting knitting, because I have the pattern memorized and there's no tricky technical stuff to keep track of. I think some of them are quite nice, if I do say so myself. ;-)

(Deleted comment)
I just can't imagine any of my other dolls wearing that print, but Miss Priss can pull it off . . . I knew I HAD to have pants for her when I saw the fabric in Marsh's swatch pics!

Still shaking my head over the invasion of my life by the Trio, heh.

(Deleted comment)
Why, I do believe there might be *koffkoff* half a dozen girl cardigans in that there stash . . . pictures a-comin'! And what color would the long curly lion-wig be, perchance?? ;-)

(Deleted comment)
Oh, poor Drin! *smothering laughter*

But on a different doll, that would be a most usable wig . . . and certainly worth trading for a cardigan, if Miss Emma sees one that she likes. :-)

Great family photo! They all look quite surly about having to have their pic taken.

I really would love a sweater :) (SD male size) Would you be able to hold one for me? (I'm sure I would like whatever you chose.) I'm not on the internet much right now (in Australia with the parents), but I'll be back in the U.S. late on Jan 20 and back in regular contact after that.

These three don't even want NAMES, much less portraits . . . hee! And the guy sweaters I have on hand right now are a little big for 60cm guys (better for SD16 and Dollshe)--but I am knitting a brown alpaca turtleneck that will be real SD-sized when I get it finished. If brown is your thing, LMK--

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