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Dammit dammit dammit DAMMIT (now updated!)
Sasha Blaze
In one of the multiple zip-disk and hard-drive crashes of the past two years, I seem to have lost my entire folder of scholarly work in progress and job-related documents. Including my CV. Which I have to reconstruct in the next few days so that I can submit it with a conference proposal.

I'm not sure which is more teeth-grindingly infuriating: that I've lost all this stuff and will have to retype any of it I want to use from ancient hard copies, or that I didn't realize I had lost it until several months after the most recent crash.

There's nothing like administration to derail ya from your own work.

ETA: And now . . . The Rest of the Story!

Before diving into e-mail search, I did one last rummage through my English department office, and found a zip disk that hadn't crashed--and on it were all the job-related files that I *thought* I had e-mailed to myself before the last computer upgrade on campus. After that, it was just (just, HA!) a matter of finding a computer that still had a zip drive . . . and then transferring the CV file from that non-Internet-connected ancient Mac to another computer in the Theater department office, since they were kind enough to let me use their ancient Mac . . . and then e-mailing them to myself . . . et voila! The conference proposal is going out by e-mail today.

In the process, though, I discovered that the bigger files with manuscript stuff on that zip disk wouldn't open at all. *sigh* Those, however, I DO have hard copies of, and there are student workers who can be asked to retype manuscript stuff if one isn't in a hurry.

All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.

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Can you scan to OCR? It might be faster.

(Google Documents is your friend.)

Yup--I have a buddy in the Instructional Design & Technology department (where the only OCR scanners on campus are, can you believe it?), but . . . first I have to find a hard copy of my CV that's recent enough to be worth scanning in the first place. AUGH!

Did you email it to someone and still have it in your archive of sent email?

/grasping at straws

Oh, man, that's a thought . . . I wonder if I e-mailed a copy to the people I asked for letters when I was headhunted for that associate dean job back in 2003? *putting on ninja-search face*

(Deleted comment)
omg that really sucks OMGGGGGGGGGG.............

omg. SUCKS. I hope you can find some stuff!!


It felt VERY sucky, along with a pile of other sucky stuff. Are Fridays becoming the new Mondays, or something? :P

Oh, my god, that's BEYOND a few dammits. I am so sorry.

Ehhhhhhh, small potatoes in the long run, compared to real life stuff . . . but I am VERY tired of the fragility and (much too fast) planned obsolescence of computers. Bleah.

Sorry you just found out AND that it happened in the first place. ::hugs:: What a pain.

Eeeeeeyeah. One of those pains that belong to modern life . . . computers really can foul things up when they want to! MULTIPLE BACKUPS NOW. (Though I did have multiple backups before--they just all went kablooey in rapid succession. MORE MULTIPLE BACKUPS NOW.

Eeek! Hope you can recover some of it! *hugs*

It was an, er, interesting process, involving two departments and four computers, but--partial success! Enough to keep me from really working myself into a migraine!

Sounds like an almost happy ending! Isn't it nice that old tech still sometimes has the power to pull our butts out of the fire?

So you are going to have a flash drive and burned cds backup now, right?

I'm in the process of burning a pile of stuff to dvd as well.
it must exist in 3 seperate places or it isn't backed up. ;)

Good Luck!

I don't even trust flash drives anymore, after two of my students (reliable ones, not excuse-makers) had flash drives conk out on them at the end of last semester. I'm wondering about those one-click backup external drives . . . do you have any thoughts about them?

Death before Western Digital.
But other than that it's good. However that's still only one place of backup. You really need to get the dvd/cd/other that the one hd going.

A drobo or some other RAID isn't a bad idea either.

I do thumb for carrying a day's worth of work, not full backup. or a running backup that is mirrored at home.

Never all in one place or one medium.

Oh, man.

And it always, always has to reveal itself in a time crunch, when something is needed.

Email sounds like a good bet to me, too. Very best of luck.

Howwwwww do the computers KNOW to pick their times so evilly? WAAAAHHH!

(Though there is a happy ending to my tale of woe, sort of . . . see addendum)

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