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Dammit dammit dammit DAMMIT (now updated!)

In one of the multiple zip-disk and hard-drive crashes of the past two years, I seem to have lost my entire folder of scholarly work in progress and job-related documents. Including my CV. Which I have to reconstruct in the next few days so that I can submit it with a conference proposal.

I'm not sure which is more teeth-grindingly infuriating: that I've lost all this stuff and will have to retype any of it I want to use from ancient hard copies, or that I didn't realize I had lost it until several months after the most recent crash.

There's nothing like administration to derail ya from your own work.

ETA: And now . . . The Rest of the Story!

Before diving into e-mail search, I did one last rummage through my English department office, and found a zip disk that hadn't crashed--and on it were all the job-related files that I *thought* I had e-mailed to myself before the last computer upgrade on campus. After that, it was just (just, HA!) a matter of finding a computer that still had a zip drive . . . and then transferring the CV file from that non-Internet-connected ancient Mac to another computer in the Theater department office, since they were kind enough to let me use their ancient Mac . . . and then e-mailing them to myself . . . et voila! The conference proposal is going out by e-mail today.

In the process, though, I discovered that the bigger files with manuscript stuff on that zip disk wouldn't open at all. *sigh* Those, however, I DO have hard copies of, and there are student workers who can be asked to retype manuscript stuff if one isn't in a hurry.

All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.
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