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Okay, here's the current crop. I feel as if I should apologize in advance for the pictures, which are vile and unflattering to almost every doll in them, but . . . I have a bad cold and the light is thin and reluctant today and just deal with it, already. ;-)

Getting business out of the way: if money is an option for you, the prices (including shipping anywhere) are $30 for the girl cardigans, $35 for the less-involved guy sweaters, and $40 for anything with a yoke pattern or cables. My PayPal ID is drmatilda AT cableone DOT net. I would really prefer to sell these if I can, but if money is hard to come by right now and you have nice stuff to trade, I would be happy to talk about eyes (urethane for preference) in just about any color except pinks, purples, and reds; shoes (DollHeart, Volks, etc.); good wigs (Leeke, Volks, etc.); and undamaged issues of Dollybird or Dolly Dolly that I don't already have. Or, you know, make a suggestion!

Sweaters for girly--or not so girly--girls
I wanted to show how these look on different girl bodies--the basic sizing is for SD/SD13, and that's really the best fit, but you can get an idea of other possibilities here.

SPOKEN FOR, thanks! Mocha Vanilla (silk-mohair blend), modeled by Minako (SD10 jointed torso):

SPOKEN FOR, thanks! Gelato (wool blend), modeled by Okaru (SD10 suwarikko):

Coney Island (wool blend), modeled by Okaru:

ON HOLD, thank you! Confetti Sprinkles (wool blend), modeled by Celia (Dollstown 13girl):

SPOKEN FOR, thanks! Autumn Afternoon (wool blend), modeled by Kikuno (ShinyDoll Thaasa I):

SPOKEN FOR, thank you! Winter Beach (wool blend, pullover with back snap closure), modeled by Celia:

SPOKEN FOR, thanks! Rainbow Sherbet (wool blend), modeled by Okaru:

Sweaters for Manly Men (and others)

SPOKEN FOR, thank you! Rusty Cable, for Dollshe & comparable lanky guys(rust-brown wool with flecks of orange and red; true pullover without opening, but plenty of stretch to fit over the head):

SPOKEN FOR, thank you! Redcross Knight, for SD16 and comparable chunky guys(wool, back snap closure):

SPOKEN FOR, thank you! Leafpile, for SD13 and comparable "normal" 60cm guys (alpaca/mohair blend, back snap closure):

SPOKEN FOR (thank you!!) Earth & Sky, for SD16 and comparable chunky guys (acrylic, back snap closure):

SPOKEN FOR, thank you! Monsoon Season, for Dollshe and comparable lanky guys (handpainted wool, back snap closure):

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I emailed you Cynthia! Love your sweaters!

Gotcha, and just answered! *hugs*

I think I could find guys to wear the rusty cable and monsoon season sweaters. We should talk. I know Miranda wanted to look too, so I'll link her.

Will email you! I conked out from this cold, and didn't get back to check comments after noon . . .

oh you are such the sweater magician. they are all SO AWESOME.

your 4sisters is such a stinking adorable one.

Didn't Mingyi do a great job on her??? I loves my Okaru! :-)


HELLO THERE, B-BOY. Nom. Way to sneak him in there at the end. ;P

(Deleted comment)
I am sorry to hear you are sick. Here is some warming information; it is 39 degrees C here (that's 102.2 in Fahrenheit). Budgie smuggler weather. The jumpers look marvellous! Unfortunately Figwit is not a jumper-wearing elf. However he has been recently joined on deck by Jasper, a sea elf who wouldn't mind a navy blue guernsey of his very own! We hope you are soon feeling better! ;)

Oh, now, do tell . . . are budgies only smuggled in hot weather??

Aaaaand guernseys have been known to make an appearance now and then--they take more planning and concentration than the ones I can knit during meetings, but they're fun to make. What body is Jasper on? We shall see what we shall see! ;-)

Budgie smuggling does better in hot weather yes, but some brave (misguided) souls do it in the cold. :D

Jasper has the DIM Minimee male body. And the Minimee event elf head. ;) He has only been here since Christmas (my present), and has just this week got his faceup and eyes and wig and become himself. And he is pretty! :)

the striped one on your shinydoll IS adorable! also much love for the sprinkles on Celia.

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