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Did it.

The wheels of change are in motion. They're creaking and squeaking quite a bit, with some whining from further up the chain of command, but . . . this change in my position at work is going to happen, one way or another, sooner rather than later. Now I just need to make sure I do everything I can to make it happen in the way that's best for me rather than the organization. I've spent the past thirteen years of my life thinking of what's best for whatever organization I'm in, believing that was the right thing to do.


To celebrate, not a new picture, but one that I like. Kanbei has reverted to this look, which suits him well; he's lying on the couch next to me in this Pretty Hippie Boy getup.

Humongous thunderstorm bearing down on us, with serious hail involved. Going offline NOW, yes indeedy, because all my pictures are on the hard drive of my laptop and I don't want to lose them to a badly-timed bolt of lightning. Yes, I should back up to CD. Go away.

(Except I want to say thank you to thelyn for this userpic of lovely messed-up Jin.)
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