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Venturing into MSD-land
Since I'm on this "must have the classic!BJDs" kick, I found it impossible to resist a waifish MSD Sakura who popped up on eBay for cheap, awhile back. When she came, she looked so awful that I couldn't bear to take any pictures of her, poor little thing: she had "sexy" body blushing (I mean, seriously: how squicky is the idea of making a Volks MSD body sexy? *shudder*), a fashion-doll faceup done with what appeared to be nail polish, and a broken headcap holder-onner.

With the combined help of dear fairemma, who took on the project of cleaning and restringing her, and Korisanzu on DoA, who gave her a new faceup, I think Sakura-chan is finally returning to her natural state of old-school MSD sweetness. tubbysnuggles would call this style "cupcake barf," and she wouldn't be wrong, but sometimes it's necessary:

Otherwise, there's nothing to report that you haven't heard a thousand times before. Toshi offers a friendly chomp on the leg and a game of fetch, if anyone is in the mood:

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Dolly AND Toshi are adorable. :3

She has the most Ebil!Cute face I've ever seen. And yeah, cupcake barf. We need to get her into a pair of pants or a skirt - I'll send you some. So, and, um ... now that you have a mini model, does this mean sweaters in that size are not far behind?

Love her. I'm so glad you finally strayed into MSD territory. What's her name?

And hi Tosh-monster! Auntie Marsh needs to send him another hoof!

She looks so adorable! Yay for you for rescuing her! And yay for everyone who worked on her. She's so cute!

She's cute! And Toshi is adorable.

Sent you a couple of emails on Friday...

I had just been wondering where you were.
I like that you have become both the archivist and the rescuer of the classic bjds -- DOA seems to have almost now institutional memory for what happened before the last OMG-Soom-monthly doll. Yes, the body blushing sounds squicky --very Jon Benet Ramsey.
I'm looking forward to seeing your other big rescue project (I think you know the one I mean).
Toshi is so cute!

Awwww, she looks really cute!
And I think the froofy dress is perfect for her.

Toshi looks sleepy in the sun.

I love her. She's very sweet and so unique . . . congrats for a successful rescue!! :D

I don't really like Sakuras, but yours is actually pretty! Good job on finding the right people to make her not awful. :D

I actually laughed when I read your comments on "sexy" body blushing. xD I completely agree. It's a little kid's body for crying out loud! I'll never understand what possesses doll companies and seamstresses to make sexy vinyl clothing for non-slender minis. D:


She is so very sweet, well done for rescuing her. My friend has had her Sakura for ages now so I have a huge fondness for them. Totally classic.

*pats* Toshi.

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